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   Chapter 900 An Expedient Measure

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'A real friend would unconditionally help you if you badly needed him. Jacob is that person, ' David thought, his heart overflowing with gratitude toward Jacob.

After a long while, David came out of his reverie and quietly returned to Rita's bedroom.

Back at the Gu Villa, Jacob hung up the phone. Emily gazed at him with anxiety because she had heard Nora's and Rita's names in their conversation. She couldn't help but feel a sense of unease, and instantly worried for her friend.

"Jacob, is there something wrong with Rita?" Emily stared nervously at Jacob and unconsciously clenched the chopsticks in her hand. She waited with bated breath for him to give her any news.

Rita was pregnant, yet Nora was such a malicious woman. If Nora had perhaps gone to Rita and hurt her…

"She's all right. She has just fainted, but she should wake up soon," Jacob answered truthfully, feeling jealous at the sight of Emily being so nervous over her friend's wellbeing. He wanted her to reserve her concern for him, always.

'Why does this woman always care about other people? She once even paid attention to Ray. Now she is concerned about Rita again. She is my wife. Why can't she simply devote her full attention to me?' he thought to himself discontentedly.

"She fainted! Oh, my God! How can you say that she's all right?" Emily asked. She threw the chopsticks on the table in shock and looked at Jacob with an outraged expression on her face.

She knew that Jacob was an overbearing man and prone to jealousy, which was why he wanted to keep her away from others. But now Rita seemed to truly be ill, and as her best friend, she was worried and needed to know the truth.

Beryl sensed the tension between her father and her mother. She swallowed with difficulty and was at a loss as to how to thaw the frigid atmosphere.

"David is Rita's husband. He can take care of her. I know that you are her best friend, but you can't always live her life for her. We are married, and we should be devoted to each other, not concerned with the affairs of others," Jacob urged.

Jacob set down his chopsticks and his handsome face clouded over with annoyance. 'Is this woman quarreling with me for Rita's sake?' he quietly raged.

Emily knew what Jacob had said was right. However, she couldn't help but worry about Rita. She just wanted to visit Rita to see if she was all right.

"Jacob, Rita is my friend. Whether David is by her side or not, I should go to see her. In the past, she stood by me through a lot of hardships. She is my best friend, and yes, you are my husband, so both of you are important to me. Please don't be jealous of her. I am going to spend a lifetime with you," she said gently, her eyes searching his troubled face.

At Sky Entertainment Group Limited, Ray sullenly looked at the middle-aged man sitting in front of him. After leaving the restaurant, Ray had received a call informing him that he had to return to the company. It seemed that Jacob intended to force him to choose between his career and Emily.

"Ray, you are the star with the most potential in our company. Brook has informed me about the situation and I have to warn you that Emily is not to be pursued any further. She is not going to be your woman. She belongs to Mr. Jacob," Mr. Wang said in a serious tone.

He looked helplessly at Ray because he could tell from the young man's expression that he was turning a deaf ear to the warning. Jacob Gu was not a man to be trifled with, and Ray was completely out of his league.

Mr. Wang had previously heard that Ray had cooperated with Emily but he hadn't taken it seriously because he hadn't been aware that Emily was Jacob's wife. But because of Jacob's warning during their morning meeting, he now knew the truth and had immediately asked Brook to come and report to him.

Brook had told him everything that had happened between Ray and Emily at the restaurant. From his point of view, Ray and Emily were just friends. But Mr. Wang knew full well that Jacob was possessive where his wife was concerned and would not allow others to approach her. So, what Ray had done must have seriously offended Jacob.

"It's none of your business! Did you hear about it from Brook? He seems to not have enough work these days. Otherwise, he wouldn't have the time to gossip to you about me."

Ray frowned in disapproval. A gleam of displeasure flashed through his eyes.

"Ray, you need to listen to me this time. Mr. Jacob has asked us to strengthen our management of you. If you assure me that you will keep your distance from Emily from now on, I will plead with Mr. Jacob to forgive you. Everything will be settled then."

Mr. Wang continued trying to persuade Ray by saying, "We both know that Emily is Jacob's beloved wife. He is a very powerful man. Why can't you stop approaching Emily in such a flippant way? You are provoking Jacob and he won't let you off easily if you keep acting like that."

He couldn't understand why Jacob and Ray, two of the most outstanding men around him, were so enamored with Emily. In his view, women were only tools to vent his lust. They were objects to be possessed, not something to fight over.

Mr. Wang didn't dare to offend neither Jacob nor Ray. Jacob was his boss and paid his salary. But Ray was a steady source of income for Sky Entertainment Group Limited. Both of them were important to him. However, compared to Ray, Jacob was definitely more difficult to deal with.

If, after his tactful persuasion, Ray could straighten out his mind and keep away from Emily,


Jacob knew that Darren would be on guard against him. But it was better, for now, to bide his time rather than to openly fight against Darren. He couldn't bear the thought of putting Emily at risk.

"Well, I see..." Emily nodded in agreement and lowered her eyelids to cover the anxiety in her eyes. In order to protect Rita and her unborn child, Emily had to go against her own caring nature and refrain from seeing her best friend.

"David will certainly care for and protect Rita, so don't worry too much about her. I promise you that she will be all right." With that, Jacob planted a tender kiss on Emily's delicate face. Seen from a distance, the handsome man and the beautiful woman seemed at peace as they held each other in an image of sweet benevolence.


Beryl, who was hiding around the corner, made little fists in excitement. 'Daddy and Mommy have reconciled with each other. That's great! I have a happy family, ' she thought joyfully.

In the Xu Manor.

The day had gradually darkened, but Rita was still lying unconscious on the bed. David stayed at her bedside, his heart filled with anxiety. He feared that he might go mad if he were to lose her.

Rita was dreaming. She saw her father and mother in their youth. Rita was a ten-year-old girl with two black plaits again. She was holding a five-year-old girl's hand.

The four of them were walking along the road on their way home.

"Rita, Michelle, what would you like to eat for dinner?" Her mother, whose name was Helen, smiled at the two children.

"Mom, I want sweet and sour spareribs!" Rita answered loudly with a big smile. Sweet and sour spareribs was her favorite food. The young girl next to her jumped with joy and agreed eagerly, "Mom, I want to eat sweet and sour spareribs too."

"Okay. Rita, take your sister home first. Your father and I will go buy spareribs for you."

The vegetable market was always messy and busy, so Helen didn't want her two daughters to go there with her. Besides, they were only 100 meters from their house. So she asked Rita to take her young sister home first.

"Okay." Rita took the key from Helen's hand, said good-bye to her parents and then walked toward their house with her young sister still holding her hand.

As they passed by an alley, Michelle, her sister, saw a vendor who was selling sugar-coated haws on a stick. Michelle had a sweet tooth and wanted to eat some sugar-coated haws, so she begged her older sister to go down the alley and buy a stick of the sweets. Rita didn't have the heart to refuse Michelle, so she took out some coins from her pocket and led Michelle to buy the sweet treat.

But when Rita took the confectionary from the vendor, a handkerchief soaked in a powerful drug covered her mouth and nose tightly and she soon lapsed into an anesthetized state of unconsciousness. When she woke up, she was faced with her parents' worried eyes. Michelle and the vendor had disappeared into thin air. No trace could be found of her sister anywhere.

"Rita, where is Michelle?" Helen asked fearfully, tears running down her cheeks.

"Michelle… Where is Michelle?" Panicked, Rita looked around repeatedly, searching for Michelle, but only her parents were by her side. Her lovely younger sister had disappeared!

"What exactly happened?" Grant, Rita's father, asked anxiously. His hoarse voice echoed in Rita's ears, and like a slap, it brought her back to her senses.

Rita told her parents what had happened just now… Then, the unending cry echoed through her dream...

"Michelle… Where are you?

Michelle... Where on earth are you? My dear sister, I miss you..." she whispered again and again in her dream.

"Ah... Michelle!"

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