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   Chapter 899 Do Me A favor

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"Darren, if we got divorced, would you still care for me? Would you still regard me as your family?"

Nora's head snapped up in panic, then she ran quickly to Darren before squatting down in front of him. She held his hands and looked affectionately up at him.

"Darren, will you ignore me after our divorce? Although we are going to be divorced, I care about you a great deal. And I can't imagine what my life would be like without you."

Tears welled up in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks to fall onto the back of Darren's hand. The hot tears seemed to permeate his skin, needling his heart.

Darren looked at Nora with cold indifference, but under the mask of detachment, his heart ached as if a dagger was being repeatedly plunged into it.

'Now, everything is finally settled. I'm a loser but this woman still wants to take something from me. What a ridiculous thing!

David has regained control of the Xu Clan. Although I'm still the second youngest master of the Xu Clan, David and even the whole of the Xu Clan have taken strict precautions against me. It will be extremely difficult for me to fight back effectively, ' he bitterly thought to himself. All of Darren's ambitions seemed dashed now.

"Did you ever feel sorry for me when you slept with someone else? Did you ever care about my feelings when you groaned and moaned under another man's body?" he asked in a voice laced with resentment.

Darren suddenly pushed Nora aside and looked down at her with disgust, as if she was trash and the mere sight of her made him sick.

Nora, who had fallen to the ground, looked up at Darren with surprise and panic etched onto her face as tears now flowed earnestly from her eyes.

'Why does he treat me like this?

How did Darren become so cold-hearted just like David?' she thought, overwhelmed with sadness.

Nora crawled on her hands and knees like a penitent sinner toward Darren, grasped his leg with both hands and explained tearfully, "That was not what I wanted... Darren, believe me! David forced me to do those things. I'm your wife. How could I possibly have voluntarily had a love affair with another man? It's all because of him!"

Darren bore a deep grudge against David, so she seized the chance to lay all the blame and responsibility on David's shoulders. He was a convenient scapegoat.

"Are you sure that David is the father of your unborn child?"

Darren grabbed her chin hard with his slender fingers and forced her to raise her head and look him in the eye, leaving red finger-shaped marks on her delicate white face.

'What does he mean by that? Does he known everything?' she thought in horror.

Nora trembled violently with fear. Her chin ached dully, bringing her to her senses. She dared not ask him whether he knew the truth or not. Things seemed to be different from what she had imagined. The only thing sh

Darren, I know I was wrong… I am willing to have an abortion. I don't want to keep it!" she cried weakly.

He twisted his lips into an evil smile and quietly said, "I've changed my mind. You can keep this unborn child, but..."

"But what?" Nora looked anxiously at Darren.

Although she didn't love the unborn child in her womb, she also didn't want to become infertile. In the Xu Clan, a sterile woman would not be accepted. Neither Darren nor David would then be able to stop her from being driven away.

In the upper classes, sterile women were not qualified to be anyone's wives, especially in the Xu Clan. She would then be ostracised for sure.

His eyes gleamed with evil intentions as he looked at her speculatively.

"I want you to do me a favor," he said.

She could sense the coldness in his eyes, and it sent a chill through her heart. Nora couldn't help but shiver in fear, realizing that she had never known what kind of person Darren was because his real personality had always been so deviously hidden. Compared to Darren, she was just an incompetent plotter.

Darren had so easily defeated her, and now, he had driven her to the edge of utter soul-damning despair.

"Okay. I promise you that I will do whatever you want me to do! Anything!" Nora bit her pale lips and nodded without hesitation. She was at his mercy now.

"Come in," Darren called over his shoulder at the doctors waiting outside. They quickly entered and untied Nora.

Nora was very puzzled, but she dared not ask why he had suddenly changed his mind. The workings of a psychopathic mind were dark and demonic, and not easily understood by mere mortals. Nora realized that if she wanted to survive, she would have to worship Darren's every whim.

"This child is still useful."

An insidiously cruel smile formed on his lips and his handsome face clouded as he looked at Nora with a hard light in his eyes.

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