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   Chapter 898 Family Rules

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Jacob instantly felt as if he was dunked in ice cold water from head to toe. His passion evaporated only to be replaced by anger and embarrassment.

'It is time to get new maids! They cannot even watch over a toddler!' Jacob thought with great annoyance.

Bowen tried hard to get the cloth disentangled from his head. Emily had finally reacted and had swiftly dressed in Jacob's T-shirt before lifting Bowen into her arms. Sensing their embarrassment, Bowen became squirmy and tried to free himself from the cloth.

With the quilt wrapped around his lean and powerful frame, Jacob was still angry at seeing the complacent little Bowen who sat in Emily's arms sucking his thumb. Emily smiled apologetically at her disturbed husband.

"Pay me back tonight!"

Jacob ground his teeth and stared at Bowen thinking of how to punish him later! The little tyke was becoming more and more demanding of Emily's time.

Jacob could not help feeling disappointed at suffering this invasion of his marital privacy, so he got dressed quite unhappily. After getting fully dressed, he had calmed down again, though this was not the emotion he had planned on having when he had carried Emily up the stairs moments before.

"Bowen, did you miss mommy?"

Emily tried her best to hold her laughter as she threw a glance at the sulking Jacob sitting next to her, though her own face was still quite rosy with embarrassment. Then, she lightly pinched Bowen's cheeks, making him squeal with joy.

"Miss… miss... Daddy... Mommy... Bed..." Bowen even covered his eyes with his chubby little hands to pretend that he saw nothing.

Jacob pulled Bowen from Emily's arms and said seriously, "Do not come into our room next time unless you have knocked on the door!"

"Wail… Mommy..." Bowen reached for Emily, hoping that she could take him back and comfort him. He was not interested in his father being so serious all of a sudden.

Slap! Jacob's big palm smacked Bowen's soft bottom. The crisp sound echoed through the big room and Bowen began to cry loudly.

Emily wanted to take Bowen back but Jacob quickly took him out of the room. Soon, a cold and serious voice sounded from outside. "As an old Chinese saying goes, 'One can be judged for how his adulthood will be when he is still a toddler'. A boy should not always cry! I need to have a talk with him now!"

'Have a talk? With a toddler?' Emily could not even believe what she'd heard from Jacob. She wondered if Jacob realized then that Bowen was not even a year old yet!

On one hand, Emily felt aggrieved for little Bowen, while on the other hand, she could not help feeling amused by Jacob's own childish behavior. But maybe this was just what a father was meant to do with a child, however, it was something which Beryl had missed.

"Family Rule No.1: Emily is Jacob's wife!

Family Rule N

wever, Darren was not the leader of the Xu family, nor would he ever assume that status. What was more, he was also a cripple. These were the reasons why Nora had wanted to get divorced from him for such a long time!

The "Game of Thrones" situation between Darren and David was also directly caused by Nora. So, Nora had not shown her true self to both Darren and David as she was waiting to see who would finally win. It was she who had instigated brother against brother.

Now that David had won the game for leadership of the Xu family, Nora was sure to choose David. But she had not wanted her relationship with Darren to disintegrate completely. Life was long and no one knew what the future would hold. Nora did not want to completely lose Darren.

"No? Okay, now that you do not want to get divorced, then we can also..." he continued to push Nora.

Darren flashed a grim smile and his low voice was overflowing with the estrangement which he felt toward Nora. As Darren had expected, Nora interrupted him without even waiting for him to finish his words. She played the game, but she was not as skilled as she believed. Darren saw through her now.

"No... Darren, we have been married for so many years but I have always regarded you as my own brother, even though we became a couple..."

Nora choked and her tears flowed like mountain springs.

"During the years after we got married, I tried so hard to adjust to my new identity as your wife, but I… David always showed up to haunt me and this really made it difficult for me to forget what I had previously experienced with him!"

Nora decided to blame David for everything in this moment and she pretended that she was the one who was hurt most in this relationship.

Darren remained silent with his arms crossed together. Leaning back against the wheelchair, he quietly looked at Nora as if he was anticipating her words.

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