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   Chapter 897 I Love You Only

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9098

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Emily's face turned scarlet as she buried her face deeper into Jacob's arms. The women around them were all shamelessly talking about them.

"Wow, he is so handsome..."

"Wow, he is so cool... The woman in his arms must be so very happy..." A young woman could not help feeling envious.

"Don't you know him? He is Jacob, the most famous man in Jingshi City. And I guess that the woman in his arms is his wife?" a beautiful girl wondered out loud.

"Yeah, she is his wife, but why do I feel that she looks so much like someone else? Ah, she looks like a younger version of the late genius designer, Emily!" another girl flaunted her knowledge.

"Really? Wow, I would never have thought that Jacob would be so single-minded! He even married a woman whose face is a carbon copy of his late girlfriend!" the beautiful girl exclaimed in surprise. Secretly, they all felt that this was the most romantic notion, a tale of true love that they all longed for.

Swiftly, all of the women who had just envied Emily turned sympathetic to her as they falsely believed that this younger version of Emily would never be more than a substitute for a dead woman.

Jacob suddenly stopped and scanned the crowd with his deep, black eyes, his focus cold and sharp as ever.

"She is Emily! She's the only one I love, from the beginning to the end!"

His cold and serious voice frightened all of the women around them, and he even frightened Emily, who was in his arms.

'She's the only one I love, from the beginning to the end!

Me too, my darling. You're the only one I love, from the beginning to the end!' Emily mentally promised.

She could not help smiling when she heard what Jacob said and stared affectionately at his handsome face with her clear, large eyes.

"She, she, she... She is Emily? But she looks no older than a teenager! If I recall correctly, shouldn't Emily be 27 or 28 years old if she was still alive?"

a noble-born girl in the crowd posed the question quietly. She had seen Emily at a few society parties, so she dared to ask questions.

"Yeah, right! The late genius designer, Emily, should be 27 or 28 years old! How could she still look so young now?" Someone in the crowd agreed with the girl's guess, drawing murmurs of agreement from the spectators.

Soon, the crowd began to murmur as they discussed this turn of events.

Sam moved to stop them but Jacob signaled for him to stay back with his sharp eyes and furrowed brows. Anyone who questioned his Emily would face his wrath. Jacob meant to deal with this personally.

Jacob's face had darkened like a storm was brewing. 'They can question me, but no one is allowed to question my Emily!' he thought bleakly.

Feeling Jacob

tone, "So, you agree that we can do that?"

"Wait! We need to go home. Go home first, please!" she demanded as his lips sank down to her neck, and she could see the pulsating intent in his sultry eyes.

Emily had to reach a compromise as they were still in the car and Sam was on the driver's side of the tinted glass panel! 'How could we… Oh, my God...' Emily did not dare to think further along those embarrassing lines.

In Tyrone Mansion.

Jacob dashed up to their bedroom carrying Emily in his arms as soon as they got out of the car. He was beyond caring what the maids thought.

Bowen could not help but knit his little eyebrows seriously as his parents did not even notice him. Wanting their attention, he climbed the stairs up towards his parents' room quietly, and the maids did not notice his disappearance.

"Jacob… Slowly..."

"Call me 'darling'!"

Jacob sped up his rhythm on purpose and did not slow down until Emily begged him. Passion dulled their senses and they were oblivious to everything around them.

They were still engaging with each other, when-

"Daddy… Mommy..."

The soft voice sounded in their ears and Bowen was peering up at them with great curiosity as his head was just at the level of the bed. Instantly, their motion stopped and their gasping died in their throats as their eyes focused on their young son's unblinking stare.

Jacob reacted first, quickly covering Emily with the quilt, and then he threw a cloth toward Bowen, covering his head.

Emily felt so embarrassed in Jacob's arms that her face turned all the colors of the rainbow, ranging from pale to boiled shrimp red. She wished then that she could find a hole to crawl into and hide!

'Oh, my God! What did Bowen see? Oh, my God! How could he see us like this?' Emily was so embarrassed…

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