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   Chapter 895 Accompany My Wife

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"Ray, how about we cancel the lunch appointment?"

Brook, Ray's agent, asked with an expression of concern as he looked at the stubborn young man.

After all, as one of the very best agents at Sky Entertainment Group Limited, Brook had already heard something about what had happened in the meeting room earlier today and he knew that Ray had stepped on Jacob's toes. If Ray could admit his mistake, then maybe Jacob might forgive him. But if he still tried to squabble with Jacob like this, he would be the loser in the end.

"Why should we cancel it?"

Ray curled his lips in disapproval, and his handsome face became pinched with hard edges, showing his malcontent.

'Emily is a person, and she is not Jacob's property. How could he demand to limit our communication?

Or does Jacob feel intimidated by a younger rival?'


Brook looked at Ray in surprise, and didn't know what to say for a while.

Ever since becoming Ray's agent, he had always found Ray's attitude toward his guidance very positive. But it would be career suicide for Ray to offend a capitalist like Jacob over a woman! As Ray's agent, he had to somehow dissuade his young charge from such a foolish endeavor.

'Has Ray fallen in love with Emily, Jacob's wife?'

Brook was shocked by this thought, but then he took a probing look at Ray and asked, "Ray, did you fall in love with that woman?"

'Do I love Emily?' Ray wondered once this question was raised.

He pressed his lips tightly together as his mind raced off in a new direction. Actually, he did not feel disgusted by what Brook had said. But he was just coming of age, so how could he love a woman who had children and was still married? It was preposterous!

Ray's hesitant response made Brook sad. He held his head as a painful, anxiety-fueled headache set in. Although he was the best agent at Sky Entertainment Group Limited, even he didn't know how to deal with this matter at the moment. His own fortune was hitched to Ray, so if Ray were to crash and burn over such foolishness, then he would share that fate.

"Ray, I have to cancel the appointment for you. You can't go there!"

Due to his own wealth of experience minding young stars and starlets, Brook quickly responded with a definite decision.

"No way! I am going there today."

Ray stood resolutely with his hands tucked into his pockets as his icy tone sealed their fates. His look was determined and there was no way for Brook to sway him.

The small voice in Ray's heart which drove him on whispered to him that if he missed this chance to meet Emily, he would never again have the chance in the future.

ily. What's more, he was determined to get close to her.

Noting Jacob's presence, Brook became completely flustered. He pulled Ray's sleeve under the table as a warning to him not to screw up.

Soon, Emily and Jacob reached their table.

"Sorry to keep you waiting,"

Emily said softly with an apologetic look.

"It doesn't matter. We've also just arrived."

It seemed that Ray hadn't even noticed the man who stood beside Emily, and he looked at her with a smile, as if Jacob didn't exist at all.

Emily could feel Jacob's rage building, so she quickly pinched his lean waist muscle and winked at him naughtily. Jacob blinked and then pulled aside the chair for her to sit.

Behaving like a naughty child, Emily teased him, ensuring that he would do nothing. Therefore, even though Jacob was very jealous, he still had to toe the line as he sat beside her.

"I'm surprised that Mr. Gu has the time to patronize our small party," Ray said in a cold tone.

Ray felt uncomfortable seeing Emily acting familiar with Jacob. His tone of speech had subconsciously changed and all the words that came out of his mouth were dipped in jealousy.

Hearing what Ray said, Brook looked like a man sentenced to death and instantly gave up the desire to struggle. He seemed to shrink into his chair and his wild eyes looked around for an exit.

"I'm just here to have dinner with my wife."

Jacob's voice was still cold. However, a soft light shone in his eyes as he looked at Emily.

The implication was that he had come here not for the party, but for Emily.

Smelling the metaphorical gunpowder burning between these two men, Emily duly steered the conversation. "Mr. Lin, we are all here today to discuss business, so let's get to the point."

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