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   Chapter 894 Doody

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Looking at him, Emily didn't know what to say to this domineering man, but her heart was warmed and sweetened by his words and she involuntarily moved closer to him. A few minutes later, the snuggling couple fell asleep.

The next morning, when Emily woke up, she found that Jacob had gone to work, yet she was content as she had the still-warm bed to herself. Then, she heard her youngest child babbling outside the room.

Bowen, who was ten months old, came into the room and toddled forward to Emily's bedside. He waved his little hands excitedly. "Mom... mmy... Mommy..."

This was the first time that little Bowen had called Emily "mommy." She was so thrilled to hear this that she couldn't help but bend down and wrap her arms tightly around her child. Her heart was beaming with love at this little extension of herself.

"My sweet baby, say 'mommy' again."


little Bowen responded softly with his large, sparkling eyes and heart-melting voice. He looked quite like a miniature version of Jacob when he was so serious.

Lowering her head, Emily gave her baby boy a big loving kiss. Then, she thought of something, picked up her phone from the bedside table, and turned on the camera function.

"My cutie pie, say 'mommy' again."


Bowen's voice was soft and sweet, making Emily feel like she was sipping honey water, and her heart was overcome with joyous contentment. She smiled and pressed the button to share the video.

Although it wasn't the first time that she had become a mother, Emily didn't want Jacob to miss this great moment since he had missed Beryl's first words.

Meanwhile, Jacob was at work in the conference room of the Bai Group.

He was attentively listening to the business report when his phone vibrated, interrupting his concentration. When his deep, dark eyes swept over the screen and saw the message from Emily's handle on his WeChat, his face couldn't help splitting into a wide grin.

The moment he clicked to open the video, he saw Bowen's little round face followed by Emily's happy voice in the background.

Although Jacob and Emily saw each other every day, his heart still skipped a beat when he heard her appealing voice.


Bowen's youthful little voice was heard by all the people in the silent meeting room. It was at this moment that all the staff members present at the meeting realized that the usually cold and serious CEO looked very different today. He was smiling!

Before they knew it, Jacob made a video call. Emily received the call immediately, and her pretty face with its delicate features appeared on the screen.

"Honey, I want to hear Bowen say 'dad

anything else to report, please send it to me in file format." Sam took charge.

He knew well enough that his boss was now too angry to continue the meeting. In Jacob's mind, nothing was more important than his wife.

Not until the figures of Jacob and Sam were completely out of sight and down the hall did the staff members in the room let out a collective sigh of relief.

Although they had heard the rumours that Jacob cared a lot about his wife, they had never expected that he would value her more than anything else in the world. The men in the room prayed never to encounter this woman named Emily, yet the women all envied Emily for having such a devoted, wealthy, and attractive husband.

At the same time, Dina was desperately browsing the social media comments and news on the Internet. She had been blocked by her company, but strangely had become even more notorious now. Fame could easily become infamy.

Ray had many fervent female fans. When they discovered that Dina had intended to once again become entangled with their idol, they were outraged and launched a cyber-attack on her.

What's more, her disgraceful history of having a gold-digging affair with Darren, her bossiness, and her over-use of the "superstar" card were plastered all over the internet. Her taking advantage of Emily for public affairs left the netizens fuming.

Public opinion was now turning against Dina in a very short time, painting her as an evil woman who would use any means to attain her wicked ends.

Clenching her fists tightly, Dina couldn't feel any pain even though her long nails had sunk into her flesh. She stared maliciously at the photo of Emily on the screen, wishing that she could hack her nemesis into pieces.

"You just wait and see. I'll be back!"

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