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   Chapter 893 Unable To Walk For Three Days

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There was a sense of weariness in David's voice when he spoke these words. It was as if the light in his eyes was flickering away, fading into the eventual darkness.

After all, Darren and David were brothers sharing the same blood. The last thing anyone would want to see was the futility of two brothers turning against each other in a petty feud.

"If he promises to keep himself within the limits of M Country and behave himself, I'll spare his life this time. But if he insists on being a constant thorn on my side, I will not hesitate to teach him the true meaning of pain!"

Jacob had made his point in the most confrontational way possible. His judgment would have been different had it been anyone else, but since Darren had been brave enough to involve Beryl, regardless of his intentions, the punishment Jacob was going to unleash on him would be torrential.

"Anyone who dares to lay a finger on my family is a dead man!" Jacob managed to get that point across loud and clear.

David's face softened with relief to hear Jacob say that. He was grateful to his friend for making a big concession for his sake.

"I appreciate it, man!"

David expressed his sincerest gratitude, even though he seemed to fall short on words as his voice turned low and deep and his eyes turned red. There was a high sense of friendship and camaraderie between these two. There had been times when they would disagree with each other, but they always came out of it with some mutual respect, a simple handshake, and a wink.

Jacob, having acknowledged David's words, gave him a simple nod in reciprocation. "Don't mention it."

Although Jacob and David were best friends and would not hesitate to put their lives on the line for each other, Jacob understood that it was not his place to meddle in the affairs between the brothers. The only thing Jacob could do was to give David a hand when he needed help, but not punish David's brother for him.

Meanwhile, Dina, who couldn't get a hold of Darren, became increasingly desperate to get in touch with him as if he was her only hope. Failing to reach Darren on the phone after a hundred or so failed attempts, Dina came to the conclusion that she had no one else to turn to!

Dina clenched her phone tightly with blanched knuckles and her nails dug deep into the palms of her hands. Her pale face, which was usually fair and pretty, turned vicious. In a single venomous outburst, she threw her phone to the ground and let out a painful and sorrowful moan.


'It's over. Everything is over, ' thought Dina.

Jacob was one of the most powerful and influential people in Jingshi City, and David had just recently reclaimed the Xu Group. And as if fate had played a grotesque prank on her, Dina was the one who had offended both of their wives.

"This can't be happening to me..." Dina scoffed

it was all over, Emily lay panting on Jacob's chest with her rosy cheeks and curled-up lips.


"I'd prefer it if you called me 'honey.'" The man interrupted the woman and then reached out to gently pinch her chin.

His request caused her to blush a deeper shade of red as she tried to hide herself under her raven dark hair.

"Honey, I've already returned the favor to Ray Lin, and Dina won't be a problem anymore. Could you please not come to my office and carry me back home like this in front of everyone? My colleagues were gawking at me today. I have a reputation to maintain..."

Emily didn't know whether to cry or laugh at Jacob's behavior. Although she didn't care much about other people's opinions, she still felt a little embarrassed about being carried away from the office like that. And if people saw the hickeys on her neck and various other parts of her body, they would gossip about their passion in bed.

"What's a 'reputation'? Is it something that makes you feel comfortable?"

Jacob taunted meaningfully with a mischievous smirk. Holding the woman tight in his arms and gazing at her intently, his dark eyes deepened with affection.


Emily knew it was futile to argue with Jacob, so she surrendered and gave in to him. Suddenly, the sound of her phone ringing interrupted their intimate moment.

Glancing briefly at the screen, Jacob's face turned grim immediately.

'Ray Lin? It's you again. You wretched brat! He must think I am a very kind and easy-going person.' Jacob was undeniably displeased.

"I don't care whether you have something important to say to my wife or not. Stop calling her and stay away from her!" Jacob hung up the phone before Emily's mind could even process what had happened.

"If you ever answer that bastard's call again, I'll make sure that you are unable to walk for three days!" Jacob warned domineeringly.

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