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   Chapter 892 I'm Lost

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Not long after Jacob spoke to Emily, he was told that Darren was making his move and had taken action.

A few days later, the news that the CEO of the Xu Group would be changed spread in all of the major news media outlets, implying that the fight within the Xu Family had begun.

As a result, the stock of the Xu Group plummeted. What's more, the whole company fell into a state of depression. David remained at the company headquarters to deal with those things for several days in a row and didn't go home to rest at all. He soon became worn out and strained by facing the siege within his own family.

Seeing the news concerning the Xu Group displayed on the screen, Dina polished her newly buffed fingernails and her lips curved up into a wicked smile. "Emily, did you see that? I will destroy all that anchors you, one by one."

No sooner had she finished speaking than a soft male voice sounded in the room as Darren rolled his wheelchair closer to face Dina.

"So are you satisfied with what you saw now?"

"Yes." With one word, she expressed her jubilation at her enemy's looming demise. Dina looked up at him curiously and pointed at the man who had suddenly appeared on the screen. "By the way, are you okay with treating your brother like this?"

She remembered that at the beginning, when Darren had told her that he would do her a favor, she had wanted him to punish Emily. But she had never imagined that he would so casually disregard his own family in the process and strike out at his own brother.

"Of course not. But if I didn't do that, how could I help you to deal with Jacob and the others?" he asked, his voice almost a purr of contentment. Moving to face Dina, Darren pulled her feet from the tea table and onto his thigh.

"You're right. Hey, that's so ticklish. Stop it," Dina chided as Darren stroked her feet.

Darren's fingers gently pinched her delicately-shaped toes. Dina shivered with goosebumps as he tickled her and she pulled her feet back. Then, she sat up and hugged his neck.

"Darren, do you think that I can start filming again soon?" she implored.

Now that Darren had become the largest shareholder of the Xu Group, it meant that she had a backer who could compete with Jacob. Therefore, it would make sense for the company to resume her work.

Dina was used to the adrenaline-fueled life of being a famous star with many events to attend and parties to be seen at. Her recent life of peace and quiet bored her and she felt uncomfortable in this forced role. She hoped to reprise her role as a starlet as soon as possible.

"Yes, it'll come very soon. Just wait." Darren soothed her and touched her head gently.

'If everything goes well, David would have to agree to let Darren become the CEO of the company.

By then, the Xu Group

htly as he looked out the window at the city landscape.

Did it mean that David had been innocently unaware of Darren's failures in his family and career?

David was shocked when he heard what Darren said. "My brother..."

"Well, I'm lost. And I have had enough of your rubbish excuses. Let it be." Raising his hand to stop David from going on, Darren motioned to the bodyguards standing along the wall to push him out of the office.

"My brother, please wait!" David wanted to stop him from leaving. He felt a draw to his own blood and didn't want matters to stay unresolved.

However, Darren did not want to stop. When David reached the doorway, he heard Darren's voice drifting in from the hallway.

"After I get divorced from Nora, I will return to M Country. You can count on it."'

Quietly looking at the empty doorway, David thought that this feud of smoke and mirrors was finally over. Exhausted, he sat back in his chair with a heavy sigh.

Not long after, he received a call from Jacob.

"How did it go?"

Hearing Jacob's deep and familiar voice over the phone, David took a deep breath. Then, closing his eyes while rubbing the bridge of his nose, he replied weakly, "It's done. Everything went as planned. Thank you, Jacob."

If he hadn't followed Jacob's advice this time and communicated with his father in advance, he might really have had to give up what he had gained from several years of hard work.

"You're welcome. Helping you is also helping myself." Jacob looked at the dreary rain outside his window. "What are you going to do next about Darren?"

Darren could absorb the Xu Group's scattered shares in just half a month if he was secretly prepared for it, so Jacob thought that things were not as simple or settled as they appeared to be.

"He plans to divorce Nora and return to M Country," David reported wearily.

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