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   Chapter 891 I Love You

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"Try to get some rest. Don't overthink it."

When Ray handed a bottle of mineral water to Dina, she raised her head and her eyes met his cold and expressionless face.

"Thank you," Dina said in a low voice. Holding the bottle of water between two hands, Dina still felt depressed inside.

Ray was indifferent to her problems. He cocked his eyebrows and then lay down on the couch, brushing his hair with his hands sluggishly. "If there is anything I can do, just let me know."

Although sometimes Ray really hated what Dina had done, he had to admit that she had helped him a lot in the past.


Tears welled up in Dina's eyes as she couldn't believe what she had just heard. She wouldn't have believed it if Ray hadn't uttered the words himself.

For as long as Dina had known Ray, he had been distant and impassive to her, more often than not.

"Aren't you afraid that I might get you into trouble or something?" Dina's voice cracked as she swayed the bottle of water.

Word of her banishment had spread in the entertainment industry like wildfire. Consequently, everyone in the company had started to distance themselves from her and avoid seeing her. 'Shouldn't Ray keep away from me, too?'

"Afraid of what?" Ray snorted as he looked up at the ceiling and then closed his eyes. "If the company bans the both of us, it'll lose a great amount of capital inflow. Do you think the boss would be stupid enough to do that?"

'After all, there is no need to make me suffer because of Dina, ' Ray thought.

'That's true, ' Dina thought. She turned her head and looked at him. "Then..."

When Dina saw him lying on the couch with his head hanging from the backrest like a lazy cat, she felt amused. An unknown feeling struck her all of a sudden and she felt a strong urge to touch him.

"Ray, can I hug you?" Dina bit her lip and voiced her request. With such a short distance in between them, she couldn't resist her desire to get closer to him.

However, Ray's eyes opened abruptly and he looked at her with brows furrowed.

A hug was not too much to ask for, but for someone like Ray who didn't like physical contact, it was somewhat difficult for him to agree to her request.

"Would that be okay?" Having noticed his hesitation, Dina put the bottle of water down and continued begging for a hug. "Please. Just give me one hug. That would cheer me up."

Ray remained silent, yet in his mind, all he could think about was Em

eone taught her a lesson!" Holding Emily in his arms, Jacob fixed her hair for her.

As a matter of fact, Jacob had been merciful enough to just temporarily ban Dina from the company. But little did he know that Dina was going to take advantage of his mercy and directly confront Emily. If he had known that Dina was going to do that, he would have asked Sam to double her suffering.

Emily was also very confused and angry at Dina's unreasonable behavior. Therefore, when Jacob decided to punish her, Emily gave him her approval. "Yes, you're right. It's time to teach her a lesson, or she'll never learn."

Up until now, Dina's career had been smooth sailing because she had an adorable face. However, as time passed by, fame and success had made her ungrateful and bad-tempered.

Everyone around Dina knew this and Emily wasn't the only one who thought she deserved to be punished.

"Do you think Dina will turn to Darren?" Emily asked seriously as she straightened up in Jacob's arms. A sense of concern suddenly clouded over Emily's face.

Apparently, Dina was very close to Darren. It was very likely that she would turn to Darren for help considering the state she was in right now.

"Let her do that! It will give me a chance to talk to Darren." Jacob, as opposed to Emily, was rather calm about it.

"Darren intends to slowly take over the majority shares of the Xu Group. He hasn't launched a big strike yet, but I guess it will happen very soon. If that day comes, I'm afraid that things will change drastically for the Xu Family. So, Emily, next time you see Dina, I want you to talk to her and warn her about it."

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