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   Chapter 890 What Can You Do To Me

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 12599

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Dina left the report on the table and said slowly, "I am afraid I don't get you. What is this? What did you do with the contract which we signed before?"

Emily was not surprised to see Dina playing dumb. Letting out a snort of contempt, Emily took the postcard out from the file pocket and threw it down in front of Dina. "Dina, you really have a poor memory. Read it yourself! It will remind you, since you wrote it. I am sure you will remember it then!" Emily said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Dina glanced nonchalantly at the postcard but didn't move at all to take it. As if it was nothing important to her, she lowered her head and studied her red fingernails casually. She even began to admire herself for her surprising display of calmness, despite being unmasked.

"Director Bai, I don't understand what you are implying about me. I came here to ask for an explanation from you, not to suffer an inquisition at your hands. This is ridiculous!" Dina said unpleasantly as she waved her fingers through the air, as if she was a dark conductor directing an orchestra.

How did she have the balls? One could only gasp at the sheer effrontery of Dina. But Emily was not convinced by her words as she had sufficient evidence to believe that the postcard had been written by the woman seated in front of her.

"It doesn't matter if you don't confess to it! You and I both know very well what you've done. By the way, you said that you came here to ask for an explanation. I am curious as to what that is about," Emily asked coldly. She had planned to go to Sky Entertainment Group Limited to confront Dina. But now, since Dina had already come to Emily by herself, it saved Emily from taking another trip.

"Why did you ask Jacob to cancel all of my activities and cooperation programs? Why are you so unkind to me? You are ruining my career!" Dina asked aggressively. She was getting more and more agitated as she spoke. Her fingernails were now pressed into the flesh of her hands as she clenched them into fists.

"Watch your words, Dina!" Emily replied sullenly.

"I never asked Jacob to suspend your activities. I don't know why you would have such groundless suspicions. You should be careful of making such accusations!" Emily added darkly. She had only had a simple lunch with Jacob the previous day and hadn't asked him to do anything against Dina. Besides, Emily sorted out her own problems; she would never ask Jacob to take punitive measures on her behalf.

"You didn't?" Dina asked defiantly as she clearly didn't believe a single word of Emily's explanation. "Jacob wouldn't have done that to me if you hadn't told him to. Stop playing the fool!"

Stars like her had to maintain a high public profile to ensure their popularity. Participating in various activities and taking on roles in movies or TV series was the most important way to ensure her high visibility in the public sphere. But now, all of her commercial activities had suddenly been suspended. It was obvious that someone had been pulling the strings from behind the scenes. That someone needed to be powerful enough to achieve that, so it had to have been Emily using Jacob's influence. Dina had no doubt about it! If Dina dropped out of sight because of this, it was career suicide. Out of sight meant out of mind in stardom!

She had worked hard to get to where she was today and would not allow anyone to ruin her career.

"Don't speak such nonsense. Jacob is your boss and he has every right to make decisions in the interests of the company. Why should he listen to me? I certainly didn't say anything, but I believe he must have done it for a good reason!" Emily said coldly. She thought that it was ridiculous for Dina to blame her for all of this.

"But I do think th

pless. Suddenly, a man's face flashed in her mind. Maybe he could help her. At this thought, she decided to give it a try.

She took out her cell phone again and carefully looked up his name in her phone's address book. Finally, she found it! Looking at the string of strange numbers, she found that it had been a long time since she had last called him. After taking a deep breath, she dialled his number and waited for the call to be answered.

After listening for what seemed like an eternity, she thought that the call was unable to connect. She considered that maybe he had already changed his number and that this old number was invalid. Just as she was about to give up, the call was connected and a low and attractive voice sounded in her ears. "Hello?"

Hearing the familiar voice, Dina bit her lips as joyful tears escaped her eyes and began rolling down her cheeks.

She had always loved Ray from the bottom of her heart. This was why she had decided to call him now that she was at her most vulnerable. Although Ray had always been indifferent to her, she felt quite warm and safe upon hearing his voice.

"Hello? Who is it?" Ray asked again. He frowned, thinking that it was weird that there was no sound from the other end of the line. The phone screen was bright and the call was active, so why was there no response? Was someone playing a prank on him?

He repeated the greeting with an air of impatience. "Hello there! What's up? If you don't speak, I'll hang up right now!"

Dina didn't know how to start this difficult conversation and felt quite nervous and ashamed as she had previously decided not to contact Ray again. Realizing that Ray was becoming angry, Dina feared that he would end the call. He was her last remaining hope, so she had to grasp this opportunity! As Ray was about to hang up, she rushed to reply, "Don't hang up, please! Ray, it's me. I want to see you!"

Ray had learned the news of Dina's fall from grace several days ago, but he had thought that it was none of his business since they had already split up a long time ago. The pleading tone in Dina's voice changed his mind. They had started their acting careers at almost the same time and they had also spent many happy moments in each other's company. Although he knew Dina's true nature, he couldn't help but sympathize with her unfavorable situation. At this thought, he decided to give her a hand just as a friend should do. "Okay. I'm at the company now. You can come here," Ray answered slowly.

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