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   Chapter 889 The Woman Came To Visit

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Soon, the report from the verification process was in Jacob's hands and it was just as Emily had thought—the handwriting on both the postcard and the contract belonged to the same person, Dina.

On top of that, Jacob's men were also able to make a massive breakthrough in their investigations. The man who had delivered the postcard to Emily had tried to make a quick getaway to another country but Jacob's men had managed to catch him before he could leave. It wasn't very hard to get a confession out of him as he ruefully admitted that Dina had paid him money to do that.

"Send a message to Sky Entertainment Group Limited for me. Tell them to cease and desist every affair and cooperative project with Dina, starting now!"

Jacob slammed the report on the table furiously and slumped back in his chair, rubbing his aching temples with his thumb and fore-finger.

Since Dina wanted to play hardball, he was willing to let her know that two could play that game! She had crossed the line this time and he would see to it that she was never allowed back into this circle.

"Yes, sir, I'll send them the message right away. But there is something else I need to tell you. The second young master of the Xu family has made his move. He was recently seen cozying up to the shareholders of the Xu Group."

The annual shareholder meeting was just around the corner. The meeting was still ten days away and yet Darren was already rubbing shoulders with the shareholders. His intentions were quite obvious.

Jacob paused to think for a while and then said, "David will know what to do. Tell his secretary to give him this news."

Meanwhile, Dina was shooting a commercial advertisement in the studio when she was informed that her cooperative project with Sky Entertainment had been rescinded.

"We're very sorry to inform you, Miss Dina, that today's shooting is cancelled because the partners have decided to pull the plug on the program."

Dina, who had already changed her outfit and put on makeup, was blood-red with rage, like a bull pawing the ground before charging. "What are you talking about? Do you know how valuable time is to me? I've spent all morning in this stupid studio and now you're telling me that the shooting has been called off. How do you intend to make up for lost time?"

The staff remained very polite and apologetic. "The person in charge of the project team will take care of this matter and discuss the details with your studio. Sorry for the inconvenience."

"No, I won't accept this. You have to give me a reasonable..."

"Dina, I hav

Dina wasn't going to leave without speaking to Emily, Joyce concocted a plan and said, "All right then. Why don't you come with me to the conference room while you wait for Miss Emily?"

She kept Dina waiting for almost two hours in there.

The moment Emily stepped into the building and walked past the reception desk, Joyce approached her and told her about Dina.

"What is she doing here?" Emily had just returned from Jacob's office where she got a copy of the report from Jacob. Since the report said that the handwriting belonged to Dina, Emily was in no mood to converse with her.

'Why would she come to me?' Emily wondered.

She didn't go back to her office. Instead, she went straight to the conference room.

"Emily, you must be really busy. I've been waiting to see you for ages!" The sarcasm in Dina's words was so ripe that anyone would be able to smell it from a mile away.

"How dare you show your face here?" Emily shot a cold glare at Dina and then pulled out a chair to sit down.

Dina's face displayed an incredulous expression. "What do you mean?"

The corners of Emily's mouth curved upwards as she opened her bag and pulled out the report. She slammed the piece of paper on the table in front of Dina.

"You know what I mean. Don't bother playing hide-and-seek with me. I've never done anything to cause you harm. I don't understand why you would send me a postcard threatening me." Emily decided to get straight to the point.

Dina paused for a while to digest the implication of Emily's allegations. And the moment she picked up the report, everything became crystal clear to her.

'So, Emily knows that I was the one who sent her the postcard.

So what?' Dina thought.

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