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   Chapter 888 A Sudden Feeling Of Dizziness

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Emily sat in Dina's studio in horrified stupefaction. It had never once occurred to her that Dina could be the sender of the postcard until she noticed her handwriting.

After she left Dina's studio, Emily sat in the car for a long while to ponder over the whole matter. Then, she drove back to the company and managed to dig out a contract Dina had signed.

She put the contract and the postcard together side by side, and it was very clear that the writing looked exactly the same. It wasn't until then that Emily became absolutely certain that the postcard she'd received was written by Dina herself.

Gazing in awe at the postcard, Emily couldn't understand could have driven Dina to write those words. And to be fair, their previous cooperation had gone quite well.

Moreover, it wasn't like they had had any major conflicts during the time they worked together. Why would Dina feel the need to threaten her in this way?

This question left Emily bewildered and dispirited for the whole afternoon, so when Emily came home in low spirits, Jacob immediately sensed that something was wrong.

"Honey, what's going on? Did something happen at work? Do you want to talk about it? You know I am here for you when you need me." Jacob pulled her into a comforting embrace, gently stroking her soft, smooth hair.

Emily hugged him back and nodded her head. "Guess what I found in Dina's studio today?"

"Did you catch her with Darren?" Jacob rolled his eyes and chuckled.

He knew that Darren was supposed to visit Dina today, so he figured that the only thing that could have shocked Emily in Dina's studio was this matter.

'How does he know everything?' Emily wondered, but since she had other pressing matters to think about, she shook her head. "I found out who sent me that postcard."

Jacob paused, sensing the severity of the situation and asked, "Who was it?"

Suddenly, Jacob remembered that during Sam's investigation, he'd found some clues that led him to believe that the postcard was somehow connected to Dina's studio.

"It's Dina. I compared the handwriting on the postcard to Dina's handwriting on an old contract. It was her all along." Emily loosened her arms around Jacob's waist and lifted her head to see how he would react.

Jacob's brows furrowed as he said, "Actually, Sam found some clues that led him to Dina's studio, but I was just waiting for some evidence before coming to you about it."

Emily's eyes sparkled. "Who did you hav

to walk.

"Oh! Hey, you two, are you here to see Mommy?" Jacob squatted down to hold them in his arms, giving each of them a kiss on their rosy cheeks.

"Daddy, Mommy said she was going to play with Bowen today." Beryl had to speak for Bowen since he was still too young to utter words.

Jacob smiled warmly and said, "Mommy is very tired today, my little angel. She's asleep right now. Why don't you go and play with the maid for a while?"

Jacob didn't have the heart to wake Emily up from her slumber, so he asked the children to play downstairs.

Just as the children went downstairs, Jacob turned to go to his study when the dizziness struck him hard again.

Everything seemed to be spinning round and round in his head and before long, Jacob slumped down to the ground.

"Sir, are you all right?" The unsuspecting maid who was waiting behind him was frightened by the scene and she hurried to help him up.

'What's wrong with Mr. Gu? He has always been blessed with good health. Why did he suddenly fall down?' the maid wondered. But Jacob gestured at her with his hand to stay away.

Jacob sat up for a while to catch his breath and then he stood up slowly.

With his hand placed upon his forehead, Jacob's brows knotted into a frown. "I'm fine. Could you get me a glass of water with honey and bring it to my study, please?"

"Yes, sir." The maid glanced at Jacob with a puzzled look and turned around to disappear into the kitchen.

"Wait a minute." Just as the maid was about to leave, Jacob asked her to stop and warned her in a low voice, "I am just feeling a little tired, but don't mention any of this to my wife."

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