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   Chapter 887 The Clues

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The necklace was not made for Nora. In fact, Darren had bought it to amuse Dina. However, Dina was very fussy and had not liked the gift, so she hadn't accepted it.

Then, Darren had simply pushed the boat with the current and given it to Nora. It was an act of appeasement, aimed at silencing Nora so that she would keep her nose out of his business and not push for the divorce.

"You gave the necklace which you'd originally bought for me to that silly woman. Good one, it's really amusing!"

Dina was lying on Darren's lap in the studio lounge and playfully tugging at his clothes from time to time.

Darren grabbed her naughty little hand and brought it to his lips for a kiss. "What you rejected is valueless in my eyes. It suits a trashy bitch like Nora best.

If you want, I'll find someone to redesign it," Darren offered with a wicked smile.

Dina felt ticklish when he kissed her hands and couldn't help laughing. "Really, I don't want your stuff." After that, she drew her hand back and rubbed it against his clothes as if she was wiping off dirt.

Darren was both intrigued and obsessed with her fluttering smile. He took her hand and put it on his aching chest. "You are such a heartless little beast."

Feeling his strong heartbeat under her hand, Dina blinked her big beautiful eyes and lifted her smile into an evil grin. "Darren, you know what?

The more heartless people are, the more ruthless they can be." Dina lowered her eyes modestly as she began to untuck his shirt from his trousers, revealing his lean upper body. Her lips grazed his ribs as she teased him further.

Darren's eyes were shining but he didn't bat an eye. "Will you be ruthless to me then?"

'Would I do that to him?' Dina secretly asked herself.

'In the beginning, this relationship with Darren had been like a game.

Is it necessary for me to invest my heart and soul into it?' Dina suddenly raised her head and laughed instead of answering his question.

Darren was stunned because he did not know what she was laughing at, but he continued looking at her face with a smile. "Will you? Be..."

At that moment, someone knocked on the door of the lounge.

Dina instantly blocked Darren's mouth with her finger, not allowing him to question her further. She tidied her hair and sat up, lowered Darren's shirt, and called, "Come in."

"Dina, Emily from SL is here. She wants to talk to you

f what kind of jewelry design you want. Please wait and see the results next time," Emily assured her primly. At the end of their discussion, Emily put away her notebook and nodded to Dina with a smile.

"You'd better not let me down," Dina muttered darkly.

After saying goodbye to Dina, Emily left the conference room. However, at the door, she turned and bumped into a staff member carrying some files.

"My gosh..."

Both of their files tumbled to the floor and became mixed.

"Sorry! I'm so sorry." Seeing that she had knocked into a visitor, the woman turned pale with fear and immediately knelt to collect the scattered documents.

"That's all right. I didn't notice you there," Emily consoled her kindly.

After Emily regained her balance, she shook her head and squatted down to help collect the documents, including her own.

Suddenly, Emily was stunned though when she picked up a handwritten paper.

"This is..." As Emily handed over the scribbled manuscript to the woman, her surprise was palpable.

'This handwriting is very similar to the writing on the mysterious postcard, ' Emily thought.

"Ah, I'm sorry, but this is some of Dina's rough speech notes from when she attended an event last week. She always writes them for the secretaries to type." The woman had an apologetic face as she took the manuscript back from Emily and thanked her for helping.

"Thank you for your help."

"You're welcome," Emily said, still distracted by the revelation as she stood up and left.

She had never thought that she would get such a windfall benefit from the meeting.

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