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   Chapter 886 The Shameless Woman

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Nora was down and out, but what she received from David was his indifference rather than his sympathy. How could David treat her so cruelly by disassociating himself from his relationship with her? Nora looked at David, her eyes flooded with sadness and anger.

"How could you say I'm heartless? Huh?" David inquired with a sneer.

Nora had chosen to marry Darren even though she had clearly known that David had had a crush on her. Wasn't she the most heartless woman in the world? However, she was suddenly turning around to criticize David now! How could she?

"Yes, I am! Nora, you finally understand how I felt at that time when you hurt me so deeply. I was so stupid then. All I want you to know now is that I shall only love Rita for the rest of my life!" David said firmly.

"David, don't treat me this way! You have always been a kind person. And you can't just stand aside and refuse to help me. Darren doesn't allow me to go out and he locks me in the room all day. I can't bear it! You must help me!" Nora sobbed.

She came over to David and grabbed his arm as if David was her last hope. But it turned out that she had failed to win David's sympathy. He shook off Nora's hands rudely while looking at her in disgust.

"Get away! I don't want to have any physical contact with you! I am sick of you!" David warned.

David pushed Nora with such a strong force that she stumbled back a few steps. She pretended to fall, waiting for David to support her.

She expected that David would catch her, but he didn't. Finally, she lost her balance and fell onto the floor, hitting it hard.

Feeling a mixture of pain and sadness, Nora burst out into tears. She hadn't expected that David could be so cold to her. "David! You're breaking my heart! Why can't you be there for me when I need you?" Nora cried desperately.

"Stop pretending. I know you well. All you're doing now is trying to get my sympathy for you! It won't work any longer!" David sneered. He didn't move one bit and looked at Nora as if he was looking at a pathetic comedy.

Nora paused in astonishment and then her face flushed with anger. "David, enough! Are you really going to do this to me? I don't think you wouldn't give a hand to a stranger in trouble, let alone your old friend, right?" she said hopefully.

David hesitated. She didn't deserve his sympathy after what she had done to him and his family. But it seemed improper to turn a blind eye to her. He was a well-behaved gentleman who, in everyone else's eyes, would never be so rude to a lady even if she was wicked.

At last, David relented and stretched out his hand to her even though he detested any kind of bodily contact with her.

Nora was delighted to see that David was finally offering his hand to her. She had convinced him with her slippery tongue. She grasped his hand firmly and stood up from the ground with his help.

Nora certainly wouldn't let a good chance go and decided to seize this chance to seduce David. She threw herself into David's arms before he had time to withdraw his hand.

But she used too much strength and surprised him with the sudden movement. As a result, she pushed him down and they both fell to the floor at the same time.

"Ouch! What the hell?!" Nora screamed, her arms aching from where she had hit the floor. She was obviously shocked by the sudden accident.

David also fell down on the ground before he could figure out what was happening. When he regained his senses, he fo

you. A nice new necklace. Would you like to try it on?"

Nora paused and then came over to him to fetch the case. A sparkling diamond necklace charmed her eyes when she opened it. Nora almost couldn't believe her eyes. Why had Darren bought her such an expensive gift? Had she wronged him? Maybe he did love her deeply and would forgive everything she had done to him. Her eyes lit up and she asked excitedly, "Darren, is it really for me? It's so beautiful! I am so surprised! I knew you still loved me!"

It seemed that she was always the most important woman to Darren, regardless of what happened between them. Maybe she'd been wrong before. Darren was the only man she could truly rely on. Everything he had done to her must have been acts of impulse because he had been so completely enraged at the time. Nora's resolve to get a divorce wavered.

"I am glad you love it!" Darren replied, pretending that he was happy, too.

As Darren had expected, Nora quickly forgave him. She was the most materialistic woman he had ever seen. As long as there were luxury gifts for her, she would recover quickly even when she was crying. Darren was really disgusted with this vain woman and wondered how he could have been so fascinated with her before.

"Yes, I like it very much! Look at the diamond, how delicate it is! Would you like to put it on for me?" Nora offered delightfully. Nora handed the case to Darren and lowered her body to his level, waiting for his reply.

"Of course! It's my pleasure!" he replied. He was unwilling to even touch this superficial woman now, but he had to compromise and pretend that he was glad. Everything he was doing now was to prepare for her long-term torture.

The necklace was around her neck now. Nora rushed to the mirror to have a look. But she found that the necklace didn't fit her very well. It seemed a little long.

"Darren, it looks great. But I think the one thing that spoils it is that the necklace is a little long. Did you forget my neck's circumference?" Nora asked critically. She carefully looked at the necklace in the mirror.

Nora was familiar with the brand of this necklace and knew fully well that its length couldn't be adjusted as it was customized for every VIP client. It seemed then that this necklace had been customized for another woman.

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