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   Chapter 885 You're Heartless

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"What do you mean?" Dylan pretended not to understand Nora's meaning and asked her with a puzzled look.

As far as he understood, the mean woman in front of him was trying to harm the baby in his mother's belly by using his hand.

"Dylan, you are so clever that you must know what Auntie wants to say? Auntie has made it clear." Nora blinked rapidly and did not bother to carefully explain her intentions to Dylan. His hesitant appearance proved now that he actually knew what she had said, but pretended not to understand it.

"I don't understand." Dylan shook his head like a rattle drum.

It was at this moment that Dylan finally understood why his father and mother had made such a fuss a while ago. It turned out that there was a bad woman who played a dark game and wanted to break up his parents' marriage.

"Well, how could you? All right, let Auntie tell you the truth. If you want to have all of your parents' love, you'd better not let your mother's baby be born at all. Otherwise, you will be abandoned as a child who has no blood relationship with the Xu family." With a trace of pity in her eyes, Nora stood up from where she had been squatting down to talk to Dylan.

"So you mean..." Dylan looked up at the woman who was half a head taller than him. "Should I make my mother have a miscarriage?"

When saying the word miscarriage," , Dylan suddenly felt bad as a cold sensation rushed up from his feet. No, he would never allow his mother and his future brothers or sisters to be in danger!

"I didn't say that, son. Just follow your heart's choice." After finishing what she had wanted to say, Nora touched Dylan's head with a thought-provoking smile on her face.

"Well, Auntie has something else to deal with, so I can't pick you up. You can go back to class now."

Looking at Dylan still standing with a confused look, Nora gracefully left the school grounds with her bag slung over one shoulder and high heels clicking along the concrete walkway.

However, what she did not know was that Dylan flashed a sweet smile after she had left.

"What?!" It was later that night at Dylan's home.

When Dylan came home from

o visit her. After hearing what he said, she understood that he had come here to question her. She couldn't help laughing. "I hadn't seen Dylan for a long time, so I just wanted to see him."

After that, Nora lowered her head and touched her flat belly. "You know, I miss my baby so much after Darren told me to abort him."

In the past, David would 100% have felt bad for Nora when he saw her sad like this, but now, what she'd done only made him feel even more disgusted.

"Why did he do that? I think you know the reason better than anyone else. Please don't disturb our life anymore!"

David's cruel words stimulated Nora in a flash. Suddenly, she burst out and roared, "No way! With what? It's you who provoked me first!"

After that, she rushed to David and grabbed his arms. "David, do you want to leave me alone now? I'm so pathetic now., so you can't leave me alone..."

Like discarding garbage, David cast Nora's hands off. He kept a distance from her and said, "Get away from me! I don't care whether you are miserable or not. You have to face the music for your actions."

He had always regarded the woman in front of him as being pure as white paper. To him, she had always been a kind and innocent person. But gradually, he had found out that she was a basin of sewage dripping with spilled ink, and she made him feel bad all over.

Hearing what David said, Nora was stunned. "David, you are so heartless."

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