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   Chapter 884 Utilization

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Although Emily denied that it was Nora who had sent her threatening messages via postcards, Nora still cursed her and Rita's ancestors in her mind.

"Rita, don't think that I'm not going to hurt you just because you are pregnant with David's child. Since I didn't get to see the face of my baby, yours will never see the light of day either." Driven mad with rage, Nora attempted to rush foolhardily at Rita and Emily, but she never reached them because the bodyguards held her back. When Nora realized that she wasn't going to get the satisfaction of watching Rita in pain, she stormed into the baby shop looking to get satisfaction in the form of retail therapy.

Moreover, since Darren had started to treat her with disdain after their falling out, she decided to take her anger out on him by spending his money.

Unfortunately, no amount of money or shopping could fill the void that was in her heart. As she helplessly stared at the pile of stuffed toys and animals at the store, an idea popped into her head all of a sudden and her eyes lit up.

After asking the sales assistant to deliver her shopping bags to the Xu family residence, Nora drove straight to Dylan's school instead of going back home.

"Who are you? I don't think your name is included in the list of guardians, is it?"

Dylan's teacher looked at Nora with doubt and uncertainty. When Dylan saw a strange woman asking for him, he couldn't help wrinkling his face and asking to go back to the classroom.

His mother had strictly prohibited him from going anywhere with strangers and since he had no idea who this woman was or what she wanted from him, he refused to go with her.

"Dylan, wait a minute. I'm your father's friend. He is the one who asked me to pick you up today." Nora ran after Dylan and caught up to him, cursing at the boy in her mind for being so troublesome.

"Take your hands off me! I am not going anywhere with anyone else besides my father!" Hissing in anger, Dylan pushed her hand away as her touch made him feel uncomfortable.

Dealing with Dylan proved to be more problematic than Nora had anticipated as he wouldn't stop resisting. Having run out of options, Nora let go of him and tried something different. "It's okay if

with relief. "I'm talking about the paternity test your father conducted. The report says that you and your father are not related."

The strange woman's malicious smirk assured Dylan that she was just trying to drive a wedge between his family.

Little did she know that his parents had already explained everything to him. Dylan feigned anger and pushed Nora away, leading her to think that she had succeeded in poisoning his mind.

"Nonsense! My mother said that I am my father's son. No one knows better than her!"

"Don't you believe me? How can you ignore the scientific evidence that says you are not David's son? Dylan, calm down and let me finish what I have to say."

Dylan's emotional outburst was exactly what Nora had wanted to see. She went on with pleasure, "It's good that you came to learn about it sooner rather than later!"

"What do you mean?" Dylan was puzzled for a moment.

"Well, your mother is going to have another baby soon, right? Just think about what will happen to your status in the family if she gives birth to another son. Since you already know your real identity, why don't you fight for your rightful place?" Like a blood-thirsty wolf eyeing it's helpless prey, Nora felt relieved at the sight of the monster she had created.

If everything went as Nora had planned, she would be getting rid of Rita's baby with Dylan's help—like killing two birds with one stone.

Rita would never believe that her own son could kill her unborn child.

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