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   Chapter 881 One Trouble Follows Another

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Emily put the mysterious postcard back into the gift box and left it in her office. What had happened with Rita was so sudden that Emily soon forgot about this incident.

When Emily arrived at the hospital, Rita was resting on the bed and David was sitting beside her, peeling an apple for her.

Without a second thought, Emily hit David lightly. "Is this how you look after my dear Rita? How come you didn't know about something so important until today?"

No sooner had Emily hung up the phone than Rita had fainted in her room. Luckily, the servant had found her and taken her to the hospital in time.

After an examination at the hospital, it turned out that Rita was pregnant.

David also blamed himself for not having been with Rita when she passed out. "I'm so sorry. It's all my fault. I'm a terrible husband and an awful father."

"No, David, it's not your fault. But I want to drink some milk now. Would you go downstairs and buy some for me?" Rita quickly distracted him with an excuse.


Handing the peeled apple to Rita, David stood up and left, leaving the two women to their discussions.

"Are you feeling better now, dearest Rita?" Sitting beside Rita, Emily placed the bouquet which she had bought in the vase on the bedside table.

"I'm fine. The doctor said that I fainted because I was too sad and worried, and I would feel better after getting some rest," replied Rita.

Everything that had happened with Nora had made Rita suffer a lot. It wouldn't have been easy for the unborn baby to survive through all that mess, and yet, it had done so with a strong vitality.

Feeling her belly, Rita beamed with the glow of love and mercy that only a mother could possess.

"All right. But if anything happens to you, I'll make David regret what he has done." Emily pouted discontentedly.

She no longer held a good opinion of David after what had happened. Hence, if Rita was hurt, she would teach David a lesson which he would never forget. She would make him regret anything bad he did to Rita.

Thinking of David's face, which had been so full of worry and concern when she woke up, Rita couldn't help but chuckle. "I believe he won't let himself go either if anything happens to me."

When Rita had been pregnant with Dylan, she and David weren't together yet, so she hadn't known how he would react when she was in labor. But as they were going to have a second child, this time, they would be able to share

spital the moment that his class was over and he had heard what Emily said.

"Mom, are you okay?" Dylan walked to Rita's bedside with his little schoolbag rolling along behind him. He was the image of a young business professional heading to a meeting, down to his small blazer and school tie.

Dylan had overheard the conversation between the driver and his dad, David, when they were talking over the phone; thus he had demanded that the driver take him to the hospital immediately.

"I'm fine, sweetie. But I have something to tell you right now..."

Rita knew that she couldn't keep this news from Dylan since he was also a part of this family and it was no longer just a matter between her and David. If they were going to have another child, Dylan deserved to be told, so she decided to tell him the truth.

"All right. Just say it, Mom." Dylan didn't know that she was pregnant. He only knew that his mother had passed out at home and had been brought to the hospital.

He had replied naively as he put his schoolbag under the bed and out of the way. With large, innocent eyes, he stood beside his mother and looked at her intently.

"Well..." Seeing Dylan's bright eyes, Rita suddenly struggled to find the words to respond to his anticipation.

Emily squeezed her hands to encourage her, and to give her a sign that she would help her to talk to her son.

"Dylan, do you want a little brother or a cute sister like Beryl?" Emily asked Dylan gently as she looked at him.

After a while, Dylan, who seemed to understand what they were trying to tell him, became lost in his thoughts and his eyes darkened slightly.

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