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   Chapter 880 Someone Is Watching

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Emily went to check the monitor but failed to discover the expressman's identity because he was wearing a cap. It was impossible to tell what he looked like from the video.

Therefore, Emily became much more confused.

"Director Emily, what's wrong? Is there anything wrong with this man?" Joyce had come to check the video with Emily and could not help asking for the truth upon seeing Emily's serious expression.

'Isn't it a happy thing to receive a gift? Why would Emily be so serious now?' Joyce thought with concern.

Emily shook her head and said, "Nothing serious. I just came to see who sent the gift to me as I do not know where the box is from, either."

"Oh, it is so weird. You do not know where it is from while the sender has not connected with you, either. What does he want then?" Joyce tilted her head as it was the first time that she'd met with this kind of dilemma.

'In general, if someone has affection for Emily, then he should at least leave his name on the gift box. Who is so stupid to forget that?' Joyce wondered.

"Let's go ask the receptionist about what the expressman looked like."

Thinking for a moment, Emily copied the video and saved it onto a flash drive before leaving the monitoring room.

Joyce also followed her. "Director Emily, what was in the gift box? I guess that it must have been a bunch of roses. Maybe 99 roses?"

Joyce made the guess based on the size of the gift box.

"If you take it home, Mr. Jacob would be very jealous. Then he might buy you many more!" she added with a wicked twinkle in her eye. Joyce winked at Emily as she kept babbling while they walked to reception. She really did envy Emily to some extent.

"You think too much. It was nothing but a postcard. What's more, it does not seem like a letter from someone who likes me." Emily turned to look at Joyce and answered with a reluctant smile.

Emily now also wished that it had been a bunch of roses so that she did not need to guess who on earth would write the message to her.

'Jacob said that it was a threat. So someone is warning me, right?' Thinking of this, Emily started to wonde

ends. Emily, maybe it was from Rita? Could you please call her to check?" Jacob asked.

"Okay, I will call her now." Though Emily did not know who had sent the gift to her, she also thought it a good idea to call Rita for confirmation.

Emily did not hesitate to call Rita. Her friend was on speed dial on her cell phone. Rita answered the phone immediately, her tone happy at speaking to her friend.


"Rita, I have a question for you. Did you perhaps send me a gift today?"

"Nope, today is not your birthday or any other anniversary. Why would I send you gifts?" Rita smiled and continued, "Or are you just wanting to receive gifts? If so, I can send you one tomorrow."

"No, no, of course not! Actually, I received a gift today but there was no signature or address on the gift box. Therefore, I did not know who sent it to me so I called you..."

Emily shook her head at Jacob as she was explaining to Rita over the phone.

"I am sure it is not me. I would definitely tell you in advance if I wanted to send something to you, you know that." Rita smiled coyly as she replied.

It was true what Rita said. She could never help telling Emily immediately when she wanted to buy her a gift. Therefore, it was impossible for Rita to give Emily any surprise presents.

Hanging up the phone, Emily looked up at Jacob with puzzlement as if she were asking him, "Who on earth sent me the postcard?"

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