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   Chapter 879 A Special Gift

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Jacob became much more vigilant now knowing that it was Darren who had kidnapped Beryl and Dylan. He was also informed by his network that Darren had met with Dina.

"Why would Darren hang around with that woman?"

Jacob asked in puzzlement when he heard Sam's report and closed the file in his hand.

'Darren had never frequented the company of entertainers in the past. Why would he get tangled with Dina this time?' Jacob asked himself in puzzlement.

"He has not met with Dina before, right?" Jacob slightly squinted his eyes and stood up slowly.

"According to our research, they seem to have met each other at a fashion show in F Country recently," Sam read the information carefully as he answered.

At the beginning, Emily had wanted to cooperate with Dina and Ray. Therefore, Jacob had told Sam to research all information pertaining to the entertainers and actors of the Sky Entertainment Group Limited. Actually, Dina was revealed to be a relatively hard-working girl who did not have a rich family background.

But for no apparent reason, Dina had suddenly hooked up with Darren. Jacob wondered if she had suddenly become a gold digger.

"Then why did they meet this time?" Jacob raised his eyebrows and became quite interested in this unexpected development.

'Darren is highborn and from a wealthy family while Dina is just an entertainer. Why would they meet with each other again and again?' Jacob wondered.

However, because of the dark light in the room where they had met, Jacob's subordinates had failed to discover what they had been doing. Sam lowered his head and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Jacob. I will follow the case closely and discover the truth soon."

It was not a big deal so Jacob waved his hand and changed to another topic. "What about Nora? How did Darren deal with her?"

Darren and Nora's wedding had been pretty famous as they had invited lots of celebrities from inside and outside the industry. Everyone knew that Nora was Darren's wife and now belonged to the Xu Family. Therefore, Jacob really wanted to know how Darren would deal with her now.

"It seemed that Mr. Darren did not want to divorce. But he told Nora to abort the baby and has imprisoned her at home for now," S

ng now that it was not from Jacob, Emily became a little disappointed.

"Then who else would send a gift to me?" Puzzled, Emily reached out to open the box.

'How could I know who it is from if you do not even know as the receiver?' Jacob could not help complaining quietly at the other end of the line. He squinted his eyes and asked, "Is it from Rita?"

"Today is not any special anniversary. At least, I do not think so." Emily did not agree with Jacob's guess.

'What's more, according to past experience, if Rita had sent me a gift, she would already have called me by now to ask whether I liked it or not, ' Emily added in her own thoughts.

At this moment, the box was finally opened but there was only a postcard in it.

"It is a postcard..."

Emily said to Jacob and took out the postcard at the same time.

What surprised Emily much more was that there were only a few words on the card. It read, "Let's wait and see. Things will be much more interesting later."

"What does it mean?" Emily read it carefully so that she would not miss anything, though she did not understand the cryptic message at all.

'Who on earth sent the card to me? What is the purpose? What should I wait for?' Emily felt a slight panic and confusion at the strange message.

"Is that a threat?"

Hearing what Emily said, Jacob's brows furrowed as he thought that it might not be a gift from friends.

"Emily, go check the security monitor and find out who sent the gift to you."

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