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   Chapter 877 Two Different Reports

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"Why are you so surprised by that? He's always been your son." Rita was really surprised by David's response.

She had repeatedly to David that Dylan was his biological son, but he hadn't believed it. Now that he was seeing the report, why was he still so surprised?

"I'm glad that the result has proven that he is my son." David tucked the paternity test result under his arm. "But, wait a moment..."

Pulling Rita into his study, David quickly took out a piece of paper and handed it to her.

"Look at this report."

"This is..." Rita was stunned for a moment as she noticed that it was another paternity test report. When she found David and Dylan's names on it, she seemed to realize what had happened.

However, since David had already done the paternity testing, why was he still suspicious of Dylan's identity? Rita was struck dumb with amazement when she saw the results of this report.

"How can it be?"

This identification report indicated that David and Dylan were not of any familial relationship. According to this report, there was no relation between them at all. Rita looked up at David and was at a loss.

Why would there be two different results for testing of the same samples used in the paternity test? And what was more, the results were completely opposite.

"One of them must be false." David put the two reports together and sighed.

"Yours must be the fake one. Dylan is definitely your son." Rita pulled a long face and threw down the report which David had obtained.

As Dylan's mother, no one knew better than her who Dylan's biological father was.

"My test report is the latest version. Emily accompanied me to take samples, and I am sure that those samples haven't been replaced by others. So there would have been no problem with mine."

After looking at the authenticity of her report once again for confirmation, Rita looked at David firmly.

"I did it by myself. But why would there be two different results?"

David frowned. It was the first report that had made him doubt his son's identity, and caused his son to run away from home so sadly.

"Why don't you perform an investigation into the mat

heard this.

'If it's not Darren's, then whose is it?' Looking at David's pained expression, Rita seemed to realize something.

"So you mean Nora..."

"She has betrayed my second elder brother." David covered his face, feeling tired.

In fact, he knew clearly that his second elder brother loved Nora very much. Unfortunately, Nora never understood this, and only put him on the bench.

"Wait... This is too much. I need time to digest it."

Rita held her head in confusion. Didn't Nora insist that she was pregnant with David's child? It now seemed that Nora was pregnant with someone else's child and that she had then framed David in order to break them up.

But even if that was the case, Rita still did not understand why Darren had kidnapped Dylan and asked her to divorce David.

"David, even so, that's your second elder brother's business. Why are we and our child involved in this?"

"You know, Nora always wanted me to change my mind. My second elder brother was jealous after he found out about it so he wanted to test us."


This time, Rita truly understood how terrible a man's jealousy could be.

"Therefore, Rita, let bygones be bygones. I promise you that Nora will never destroy our lives again."

For Nora's behavior, David had once advised his second elder brother to divorce her. But Darren had fiercely disagreed and wanted to take her back to M Country. So, he could do nothing about it.

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