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   Chapter 876 Check It Out

The Spoiled Girl By Elephant Characters: 8323

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"What? Are you kidding me?"

Rita stood up abruptly and stared at Emily incredulously for a second before shaking her head disbelievingly.

David had forbidden Rita from leaving the house, but today she had managed to sneak past the bodyguards at home and meet Emily while David was out on work.

Although it had only been a few minutes since they met at the cafe, the shocking news Emily had given her was hard to take in all at once.

"Rita, please calm down. I know this must be hard for you. If it makes you feel any better, I couldn't believe it when Jacob told me either." Glancing apologetically at the people around them, Emily blushed and asked Rita to sit down.

Rita's breathing quickened as she reached out for the glass of cold water on the table and drank it down in one big gulp. "Emily, Jacob wouldn't lie to you. Now that you've mentioned it, when I asked David about this yesterday, I noticed his hesitation to speak freely. That can only mean that what you're saying is true."

Having recalled David's awkward behavior last night, Rita concluded that he must have been hiding something from her.

Perhaps David was afraid of how she would react if she were to find out the truth about what had happened.

"David hasn't told you yet?" As soon as Emily heard the news, she had been dying to inform Rita. Therefore, she couldn't understand why David would keep the truth from her.

If Jacob knew who was responsible for kidnapping Beryl and Dylan, then it would be safe to assume that David knew about it too. In fact, it would be strange if he didn't know about it yet.

"Perhaps David is just waiting to be absolutely certain before jumping to conclusions, and that's why he hasn't told you yet? Rita, try to be patient. Let's see what he says later."

Emily was afraid that Rita would start a fight with David because of what she had said, so she insisted that Rita go back home and have a face-to-face conversation with David.

"Emily, do you think it's possible that they could be wrong about Darren? Why would Darren kidnap Dylan?"

Rita's eyebrows furrowed in deep crease, as she gingerly tapped the bridge of her nose. Rita knew Darren personally. And she knew what kind of a person he was. None of it seemed to add up in her mind.

'What could drive a man to kidnap his own nephew? Why would he want to use Dylan to force a divorce out of us? But what does he or the Xu family get out of splitting up our marriage...' Rita couldn't understand D

n coming up with such thoughts.

"You're right. I will do that." Rita was deeply relieved.

This wasn't the first time David had questioned who Dylan's father was. And every time he brought it up, it would only make Rita doubt herself. It was time for her to put an end to this chapter.

When Rita went back home, she found that David had returned from his second older brother's house.

David's glower became a frown, and he folded his arms, leaning back against the couch. "Where were you? Didn't I tell you not to leave the house for at least a few more days?"

Taking into consideration their recent arguments over getting a divorce, David was afraid that Rita would leave him and never come back. Suffice it to say, David was surprised and worried to see that Rita wasn't home when he came back from work.

"Don't worry. I just went out for some tea with Emily. What's the matter? I won't run away. I've told you that." Rita rolled her eyes at him and walked up the stairs.

David heaved a sigh of relief and went after her. "You're right. Dylan is still here and I know you wouldn't leave him."

Rita had grown tired of David's incessant pestering. She turned around, pulled out the paternal test report from her bag and slammed it against his chest.

"Open your eyes and read this!"

"What is this?"

David looked at the paper with a confused expression before he carefully read the whole thing and realized that it was a paternity test report.

"Dylan is my son ?" David's face displayed mixed feelings of surprise and delight the moment he read the report. There had been no reason for him to doubt his son's identity all along.

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