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   Chapter 875 Brother, You Are Mad

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Rita had calmed down a lot, and she refrained from mentioning their divorce to David any further because of Dylan.

Although they lived in the same house and shared a bedroom, they did not speak to each other, as if they had become strangers. David would rather have had Rita quarrel with him.

"Rita, don't be like that. Talk to me, okay? I would rather have you hate me than be indifferent to me."

Rita was working on her laptop. David couldn't help but go up to her and abruptly close the screen.

Looking up at the man in front of the computer, Rita frowned and said, "David, what are you angry about? Go away."

A lot of her work had been delayed these days because of quarreling with David and worrying about Dylan. Now that Dylan was safe, she had to work hard to keep up with her deadlines.

"Yes, I am angry. I am angry because of you. Rita, what on earth do you want to do? And when can we get back to what we used to be?"

Although they had often quarreled like enemies, at least they had still loved each other and hugged each other. But now, Rita was like a hedgehog who would hurt anyone that came close.

As if she had heard David making a joke, Rita smiled and said, "David, don't be so naive, okay? We can't possibly return to what we used to be."

If she could go back and have another chance, she would definitely not choose to be entangled with David again.

Marrying David had been the biggest mistake she had ever made.

"Forget it. I don't want to talk to you anymore. Take an early break. You are tired too."

Rubbing her aching forehead, Rita stood up. She didn't want to speak to David anymore, so she went to the big bed that they shared, threw back the quilt and lay down.

She was doing it again!

Seeing that Rita had again avoided talking to him, David was so angry that he thumped his fist on the desk, making a loud noise. Bang!

However, Rita lay still on the bed, not reacting at all to his outburst and the loud noise.

After a long time, David also went to the bed and lay down helplessly. When he reached out to hold Rita, she turned and skillfully avoided his arms. It was like sleeping next to a stranger!

David's hand stiffened mid-air. He breathed a deep sigh, and tried

It was clearly shown on the paternity report that Dylan was not David's biological son. David was indeed deceiving himself.

"I don't care whether he is my son or not. I will never divorce Rita. Darren, what on earth do you want from me? Why did you do all this?"

David scratched his head wildly, not knowing why things had come to this point.

His elder brother, who had been living with him and taking care of him since childhood, was the one who had incited the kidnapping of his son. It was he who had asked him to divorce his wife!

"Brother, are you bewitched by Nora? Don't listen to what she has said. There is nothing between us. I only love Rita."

Thinking that the reason why his elder brother had done such things was that someone had said something to him, David immediately thought of Nora.

"Nora? You have underestimated me, brother!" Darren smiled and shook his head. His expression was still mild.

"Maybe you didn't know. Nora told me that she was pregnant with your child." Darren lowered his head, playing with his Buddha beads. His face fell into shadows and his expression became hidden from sight.

"She is lying! I haven't touched her, brother. You know that I had a car accident several days ago..."

Since Nora had married his elder brother, David had stopped thinking about her. How could he possibly have something to do with her? She was family now.

"I know, so I did not believe her. I knew that the child she is carrying is someone else's."

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