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   Chapter 874 Coming To A Truth

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8555

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After the two children were saved, the leader of the kidnappers killed himself. And the news that this kidnap was over came to the mastermind soon.

Meanwhile, at the Xu's mansion.

"Failures! Pathetic failures! You worthless nitwits couldn't even deal with that child! Get out of my sight!"

When Darren, David's second brother, found out that his subordinates had failed in kidnapping Dylan, he hurled a priceless teacup at the wall, shattering it to pieces.

Darren was neither successful in kidnapping Dylan, nor was he able to break up David and Rita. Both his plans had failed simultaneously. Every single idea he had put into motion was all in vain.

"Damn you all! You've wasted my time and money for nothing! Get out before I have you all skinned alive!" He cleared the table in front of him with ruthless efficiency and threw the table lamp at his subordinates.

The lamp flew and hit one of the men right in the face before they all dispersed like ants running in either direction.

All the commotion attracted Nora downstairs. When she came down and saw the mess, she frowned at Darren. "What's the matter?"

Darren took a glimpse at her. "Don't ever show your faces to me again," he muttered in disgust to his subordinates.

Then, he waved at Nora, gesturing her to come to him.

"Is everything all right, Darren?" Nora asked after she strode across the mess and knelt down in front of Darren.

Darren was a paraplegic who had to rely on a wheelchair at all times. Nora got down on her knees to be at face level with him.

Darren raised his fingers to her face, gliding them down her soft skin, and then letting them rest underneath her chin. As he raised her chin, he peered deep into her eyes. "How long have we been married? Why do you still call me like that?"

The lack of intimacy and bond between them caused him a great deal of heartache. His face displayed an expression Nora had never seen before. The Darren she had seen previously always had a smile on his pleasant countenance.

"Darren, you're hurting me!" Nora pleaded, as her eyebrows creased.

Darren, however, remained blissfully oblivious as he gripped her jaw harder and said, "Hurting you? Are you even capable of feeling pain? Then tell me what exactly should you call me?"

"I'm sorry! Sorry! Honey! Please stop! Let go of me!" It seemed as though Darren wanted to crush her jaw in his hand. Nora had to be taught a valuable lesson in obedience as such behavior would never go unpunished by him.

Darren squinted his eyes at her, savoring her sw

not ready yet."

Nora didn't want this baby as well, but she felt sad about the abortion. After all, she had just found out that she was pregnant. How could she take such a big step in a rush?

"Well, that's fine. But you don't have a lot of time, so I'd suggest you come to a decision soon."

Meanwhile, at the Xu family mansion, David and Rita were over the moon, ecstatic to see that Dylan had come back to them safe and sound.

"Dylan! If you ever think of doing that again, I will make sure to break your legs so you can't go anywhere," Rita scolded Dylan as she pulled him into her loving embrace.

"I will never do that again, I am sorry. But Mom, promise me that you and Dad will never get a divorce." Dylan showed no hesitation in making his demands clear.

Rita was very amused by Dylan's answer.

"Dylan, why are you so opposed to us getting a divorce?" Rita was taken by curiosity.

All this time, she thought that Dylan wasn't a sensitive child and as such, she didn't expect their decision to get a divorce to put such a strain on him.

"Because half of my heart loves Dad, and the other half loves you. If you two break apart, my heart would break into two pieces as well," Dylan answered with a sorrowful look, as he covered his chest with his hand.

"Don't worry, my son. Your mother and I aren't getting a divorce," David assured Dylan as he stroked his hair. He was deeply moved by Dylan's words.

Rita had tried everything she could in order to get a divorce from David, but she failed because of David every time.

David made a firm promise to himself that he would never get a divorce from Rita no matter what happened. Not even death could keep them apart.

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