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   Chapter 872 It Is Impossible

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'No! No! That's impossible! My mom and dad would never get a divorce!' Dylan protested under his breath. He shook his head in denial splashing tiny teardrops from the corners of his clenched eyes. He didn't know what to believe. Perhaps they were lying to him; perhaps he had heard it wrong.

Despite their arguments which happened on rare occasions, Dylan knew that his parents would never choose to get a divorce. Their disagreements, at the very most, could be described as lovers' spats as they would leave behind no permanent consequences. The mere idea of a divorce was a foreign concept to Dylan and the thought that his parents would be getting one never once crossed his mind.

Dylan thrashed and struggled to get out of his captor's grasp. He wanted to rush to his dad immediately, look him in the eye and ask him whether it was true or not. He strongly believed that his father would never lie to him.

However, the man holding him was stronger than he looked. His unwavering stance was evidence that Dylan's efforts were all in vain. "Hey, kid! Stay still and behave yourself! Do you want me to feed you to the sharks?" Dylan's captor didn't seem like the kind of man to make idle threats.

David immediately regretted speaking overzealously, as it encouraged Dylan to react brashly over this matter. Since the negotiations weren't completed yet, any minor incident could lead to total failure. David couldn't tell Dylan the truth for the sake of his safety. As he looked at the desperation in his son's face, David had no choice but to keep silent and hide the truth for the time being.

Dylan felt utterly desperate and pathetic for not being able to do anything. Although every fiber of his body wanted to fight back, there was very little he could do against the strong man. Suddenly, unable to accept his weakness, Dylan cried out in pain.

Selflessly taking all the blame upon himself, Dylan didn't want to be the reason why his parents ended up with a divorce. As any child his age would think, he felt as though he was the reason why the relationship of his parents had fallen apart.

"Listen! I don't have time for your useless drama! Look at how your son is crying like a poor helpless puppy! So what are you waiting for? I don't have all day! Give me the divorce papers if you want to see your son again!" the kidnapper threatened. There were only three things they needed to worry about at this moment: the money, the divorce papers, and their escape.

Watching Dylan in tears gave David a sudden realization of how important family was to him. He felt a strong urge to run to his son and hold him in his arms, to protect him from all of this, but he knew he couldn't.

Dylan must have believed what David had said to the kidnapper earlier. 'My silly son, I could never imagine a life without you and your mother in it. How could you fall for that lie? You will come to know the truth after I save you from this mess!'

"Here, take it! Now let my son go! Otherwise, I'll kill all of you! I mean it!" David shouted angrily.

He threw the divorce papers at the kidnapper's feet and locked him in a deadly glare.

The kidnapper grunted as he reached for the papers scattered on the floor and then gathered them in no particular order.

Mumbling curses at David, the kidnapper retreated to a shelter to put the papers in order and show them to his superiors. After putting everything in order, he took a few pictures of the papers with his phone and sent them to his boss before asking his subordinate to return them to David.

"I thought David would do anything f

s word, he hadn't known how to take care of others until he had met Rita. She was the only woman for whom he would do anything to win her favor. As for kids, he had no idea how to deal with them at all. That included his own crying son. David wiped Dylan's face, but his movements were awkward.

Dylan, however, was still unconvinced by his father's words. He blew his nose with the tissue David gave him and sniffed, "But I saw your divorce papers! Why do you have it if you and Mom didn't divorce?"

Although Dylan was not old enough to understand the complexities of the adult world, he knew that when a couple got married, they would get a marriage certificate, and when they got separated, they would get a divorce certificate.

David was a little surprised to find just how much Dylan had grown up. He sighed and patiently said, "Oh, boy! What will it take for you to believe me? It was a fake certificate used to trick the kidnapper."

"Dylan, you know that I have no reason to lie to you. So believe me when I say that everything your father said to you is true. The divorce papers were fake. You should trust your dad," said Jacob. "Yes, Dylan. My dad is right! Why are you being so stubborn?" Beryl also chimed in.

In truth, Beryl, at first, had been shocked to hear that her Uncle David and Aunt Rita had gotten a divorce, but she was quickly able to put the puzzle pieces in the right places after listening to what David had to say.

"Is that true?" Dylan seemed doubtful.

Dylan was just as clever as Beryl and he could have come to the same conclusion as her without any problem. However, the moment his family was involved, he couldn't help being skeptical as he had once been lied to by David not too long ago.

"Of course it's true. Here are the divorce papers. Have a look and you'll find that they are completely fake. Take it!" David urged him as he took out the file and handed it to Dylan.

Dylan read through each paper carefully and tears rolled down his cheeks as he saw the names of his father and mother. "You've lied to me again, Dad! Both of your names are in here," Dylan argued angrily.

"My silly boy. Look at the birth dates! They are obviously wrong. It's a fake divorce certificate and it has no legal effect. You know our birth dates, right? Are you convinced now?" David said patiently as he pointed at the information on the page to Dylan.

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