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   Chapter 871 We Are Divorced

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David's brother looked at Nora who was sleeping soundly. To avoid waking her up, he lowered his voice. "I have been receiving physiotherapy recently, and my wife has been accompanying me. So I am afraid that we have no time for a visit. Sorry, David. Maybe we can do it another day?" he explained.

He didn't move his eyes from Nora at all while talking. He touched her face gently and felt at ease with her at his side.

"Well, it's okay. We will do it next time. It's not a big deal. Take care of yourself, brother. Okay, bye!" David replied in an easy voice. Then he hung up the phone.

After ending the call, David revolved the cell phone between his fingers and paced back and forth in the room, considering who else wanted to break up his marriage except for Nora. He murmured inwardly, 'It seems that we should remove Nora from the list of main suspects.'

However, David didn't really believe in Nora. He shared the same opinion as Jacob on this matter that as far as he knew, Nora had been the primary suspect to threaten the relationship between Rita and him. Otherwise, who else would do that to him?

He was still somewhat skeptical about Nora and didn't believe that she had been staying at home the whole time without any suspicious movements, although his brother had promised that she was with him.

"I am wondering who else would have anything to gain from kidnapping Beryl and Dylan," David murmured.

He rubbed at his chin with one hand as he fell into deep thought again. After a few minutes, the doctor came out of Rita's ward.

"Mr. Xu, I have completed a thorough examination for Mrs. Xu and found that there is nothing seriously wrong physically. The faint may have been caused by too much stress and exhaustion. I suggest that she should get enough rest and try to relax," the doctor reported.

"I understand. Thank you, doctor!" David replied greatly relieved. Hearing that she was no longer in danger, he rushed into the room to see her.

Rita had regained consciousness. Noticing that David entered, she turned her head away, not wanting to see him or speak to him.

"Rita, are you alright? I know you don't want to see me. But I am here to tell you some news of our son," David said slowly.

There was nobody but Dylan who could attract Rita's attention. She cared about nobody as much as her dear son. Instantly she sat up and looked at him with large, worried eyes.

"What news? Tell me!" Rita asked immediately. Despite her anger at David, she now stared at him desperately.

"Well, I am sorry that it's a bad news. I am not sure whether it is the right thing to tell you about it," David hesitated.

He was afraid that the bad news would be another blow to Rita.

Rita was eager to hear any news concerning Dylan. She had been worried about his safety since he had disappeared. After hearing David's cautionary words, Rita became more nervous right away and asked with concern, "Tell me! Even if it's a bad news, I want to hear everything about my son."

"Dylan has been kidnapped. The kidnapper requested a large sum of money as ransom. We have to pay 10 million dollars to him. And the kidnapper had another ridiculous request. We must show our divorce certificate to him. Otherwise, we will never see our son again," David said.

"What?" Rita asked with surprise, "Our divorce certificate? Why must we show him our divorce certificate?" She wondered if she had in fact heard him correctly.

Rita knew that they could afford 10 million dollars, but she thought it was absurd that the kidnapper wanted their divorce certificate which would just be a useless paper to the kidnapper. It was so weird!

is head? Didn't he want to see David?

"Dylan, why don't you speak to me? Your mom and I have been worried sick about you," David spoke to Dylan. He felt sad that his son didn't want to look at him.

Although David knew that Dylan was not his biological son, it meant nothing to him. The bonded relationship between them would never be changed. He would treat Dylan as usual. He would always remain his father and was willing to do anything for him.

"Dad! I missed you so much!" Dylan suddenly sobbed. He hadn't expected that his dad would come to save him. Dylan had chosen to lower his head because he didn't want to be upset if he raised his head and found that his dad was not here.

Mistakenly, Dylan had thought that since David wasn't his real dad, he wouldn't love him any more. He had dreamed that his dad had abandoned him and he cried desperately while lost in a desert. Such nightmares kept torturing him. Now all his worries and doubts vanished as soon as he heard the sound of his father's voice.

The leading kidnapper became impatient after seeing that they seemed to be having an endless discussion. He called Jacob and said angrily, "Enough talking! You can save your greetings and soft words for later. Give the money to my men, and I will release them immediately! And tell the man next to you to give his divorce certificate to my man!"

To avoid the endless talking, Dylan's and Beryl's mouths were quickly tapped shut. One of the kidnappers reached out his hand to David, demanding the divorce certificate.

The kidnapper had heard from his men who were sent to followed David and Rita earlier today that they had gone to the divorce agency and had come out with a divorce certificate in their hands. So the kidnapper believed that they had indeed gotten divorced. The only thing he needed now was the proof.

"I have divorced my wife, as you wished. But before I give the divorce certificate to you, I want to know something. I am wondering who your boss is. Why does he or she want me to divorce my wife?" David asked after taking the cell phone from Jacob. David pulled out the certificate from his pocket as he spoke to the kidnapper. He wanted to push the kidnapper for information, and hopefully he could then infer the real identity of the mastermind behind all this from the man's answer.

At this moment, Dylan was suddenly shocked after he heard that his mom and dad had divorced because of him.

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