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   Chapter 870 Ten Million And A Divorce Certificate

The Spoiled Girl By Changdu Characters: 7479

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Jacob's men were a little too late. Before they could arrive at the spot where Dylan and Beryl had been, they were kidnapped, leaving only the schoolbag that Beryl had accidentally dropped.

Looking at Dylan's bag, but not hearing any mention of Beryl, Jacob's forehead creased in a dark frown.

"So why did you return without finding them?" Jacob snapped with great anger and worry.

Fortunately, after he had comforted Emily, he put her to the bed. Otherwise, she would fall apart if she knew that Beryl had not yet been found.

"I examined the nearby security camera footage, which showed that a group of people have captured Miss Beryl and Mr. Dylan." Sam wiped the sweat from his forehead and looked down, trying his best to suppress his great nervousness. He knew that his inability to find Beryl swiftly did not bode well.

When he had arrived at the scene, he saw Dylan's schoolbag lying alone on the side of the road. He was scared that something might have happened to them, and that their lives might be in danger. But when they checked the surveillance from the nearby stores, they found something new.


Jacob seemed to hear something that he was interested in. He raised his head and stared at Sam with dark eyes, as if he wanted to see through him, to see the footage for himself.

Hardly daring to breathe, Sam pressed on. "I've got the gang tracked down. We'll soon find out who sent them to kidnap Miss Beryl."

"Okay." Jacob lifted his bony wrist and glanced at his expensive watch. "I'll give you three more hours. In three hours, I must know where my daughter is."

Sam couldn't believe what he heard. Three hours? Feeling as if a heavy stone was balanced precariously on his head, Sam took a deep breath and said, "Yes, Sir."

Jacob ignored Sam's response, and he frowned slightly. "Have you sent men to monitor Nora? David told me that she had made a run for it after she was taken to the Xu family."

Judging by David's very angry look at the time, it was likely that Nora had done something to David, making him want to tear Nora into pieces.

"I have sent extra people to monitor her, but they did not have any news to report. It seems unlikely that she had sent someone to kidnap Mis

ld of the Xu family, and despite his young age, he was very intelligent. He has been adored by the family elders since childhood. If it was discovered that Nora had hurt him, it would undoubtedly be the stone that would sink her.

"When someone goes to extremes, you can never know for sure what they are capable of. David, you shouldn't take things for granted," Jacob said as he spoke into the phone which he gripped tightly in his large hand.

If it hadn't involved Beryl, he might not have cared, but now that it did, he had to solve it.

Whether Nora or Lora or Lara, Jacob would punish her if she hurt his daughter.

"Well, I'll go to check on her," David replied.

David thought that Jacob might be right and he couldn't take any chances. After hanging up the call, he immediately called Nora.

"Hello?" The phone had rung a few times and was then quickly answered.

"Brother?" Hearing the familiar voice of his brother on the other end of the call, David was stunned for a moment. He wondered then why Nora's mobile phone was in his brother's hand?

David's brother, who seemed to have known it was him, answered in a remarkably calm voice, "David, do you need to speak to Nora?"

"No, no! I just want to ask you when you will be free. Rita and I wanted to bring Dylan over to visit you." Having thought of what he would say to Nora, he smoothly changed angle and answered casually instead. He would need to play the game if he was to figure out what was going on.

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