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   Chapter 869 Dylan And Beryl Are Kidnapped

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David clutched Rita's arms and tried to hold her to him, but she resisted. She didn't want anything to do with him then, and tried her best to struggle from his grasp.

"David, I am so disappointed in you. If anything happens to Dylan, I will never forgive you," Rita said weakly, her voice hoarse as she closed her eyes.

Unlike David, who struggled with suspicions that Dylan wasn't his son, Rita knew that Dylan was of her own flesh. Dylan had grown inside her, she had given birth to him, and helped him through his young life. He was her son!

She wouldn't let him suffer danger, no matter what.

Dylan was still so young, but he had gone out in the middle of the night. When thinking of this, Rita trembled and was afraid that something might have happened to him. Her mind presented her with one horror scenario after the other and, she felt dizzy with worry.

Holding David's hands, Rita stared at him with tears in her eyes. She begged, "David, let me go. I need to go find Dylan... I must bring him back. It is too dangerous for him to be out in the city all alone."

David had imprisoned her in this cage in order to break her wings and make her an obedient lamb, but she had refused to yield!

She was Rita, not anybody's obedient lamb, and she would always be herself, just herself.

David instantly shouted, "No, I will never let you go! Rita, my honey, take it easy. I have already arranged underlings to go find Dylan. He will return quickly. Please, believe in me."

He took the opportunity to hold Rita in his arms so firmly that he seemed to pull her into his bones. His powerful arms locked around her with a bruising power.

Only his shaking hands betrayed him. For he was also afraid that something had happened to Dylan.

After all, he and Dylan had been living together as father and son for a long time. Even if there was no blood relationship, there was still affection. He was genuinely fond of the boy that he had raised for so many years as his own.

Like a dying rabbit struggling for a moment, without any solace, Rita looked ahead with empty, red eyes. It seemed the fighting spirit was leaving her, as there was no way to fight against what had happened to her child.

"David, what you've done just makes me hate you."

"Just hate me, Rita. Do what you like." In the bottom of his heart, he felt that Rita's hate was better than her indifference. At least it showed some emotion. And then, at least, there was still some hope.

Holding her from behind, David perched on her shoulder, greedily sucking i

. Our parents are coming to pick us up any second now."

Beryl was afraid of the man in front of her, for he wore a cap pulled low over his eyes and seemed very mysterious. There was a threatening quality about his shady face, and she knew instinctively that this was a bad man.

Tugging at Dylan's shirt, Beryl whispered, "Dylan, let's go."

Dylan knew there were a lot of bad guys out at night. He grabbed Beryl's hand, politely said goodbye to the man, and then they left the restaurant.

Looking at the two small children carrying their bags out of the restaurant, the half squatting man suddenly smiled. He rotated his mobile phone and lit up the screen as he made a quick call.

"Hey, they're out. You guys get ready and do it quickly."

Dylan and Beryl left the fast food restaurant and headed down the busy street, without realizing their danger at all.

"Beryl, are you cold?"

There was a cool breeze at night, much colder than during the day. Dylan and Beryl were still wearing their school uniforms, and the fabric was very thin.

Beryl replied shivering, "Yes, I am very cold." She nodded her head slightly and bit her lip.

The cool wind made her skin stand up in goose bumps, and she trembled violently as she wrapped her arms around herself.

Dylan immediately took off his bag and asked Beryl to hold it. "I'll take my coat off and you can wear it," he said.

Then he took off his little blazer and gave it to her. "Beryl, here, put it on. Ah…"

Before Dylan had finished speaking, something covered his mouth and eyes.


Beryl saw the man stepping up behind Dylan and wanted to warn him, but she was suddenly also overpowered by someone from behind.

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