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   Chapter 868 Run Away From Home

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7548

Updated: 2019-09-08 00:02

Dylan, who always took himself as a little man, had never cried in front of Beryl before. But now he couldn't hold his sorrow anymore and burst into tears.

He sobbed and whined helplessly, "Beryl, Beryl, what should I do? I'm not my dad's own biological son, and my parents are going to abandon me. What am I supposed to do?"

It would never have occurred to Dylan that he might not be David's biological son. He thought God must have been kidding him.

Beryl was rather confused. Believing that she had heard incorrectly, she rubbed her ears to clear them, and then looked at him as she asked, "Dylan, isn't there a mistake? How is it possible that you are not Uncle Xu's son? Well, I mean, if you're not his son, why did he then raise you?"

"No, there's no mistake. He probably only found out about it recently." Dylan shook his head vigorously, and tears continued rolling from his large and frightened eyes. He knew full well that his mom and dad had been fighting and arguing because of him the previous night. He had heard their loud and angry voices.

Realizing that returning to the Xu home was no longer an option for him, Dylan Xu therefore stopped crying, and then he took Beryl's hand. "Beryl, would you like to run away from home with me?"

'It doesn't matter whether I can return home or not. As long as I have Beryl around me, anywhere can be my home, ' he thought.

"But, my mom and dad would worry about me..." Beryl was caught in a dilemma between kinship and friendship. Quietly struggling with this difficult decision, she fiddled with the straps of her schoolbag.

She knew that her mom and dad loved her so much, and they would be deeply hurt if she left with Dylan.

And if they felt unhappy, then she would feel unhappy, too.

"So, are you going to abandon me, too?" Seeing Beryl's indecisiveness and hearing her commitment to her family, Dylan seemed to have lost his hope, and the light of his eyes faded away. He loosened his grip on her and lowered his head with great disappointment.

His mom and dad didn't want him, and even Beryl was leaving him. He had to face all those frustrations on his own.

Being a sensitive girl, Beryl could tell that Dylan was in over his head. So she shook her head and hurried

d which had upset her enough to vanish with Dylan.

"Well, we'd better send someone to find them. I'll call you when I find them, and you do the same. We'll stay in touch."

The moment David hung up the phone, he saw Rita standing next to him, in a daze.

"Rita, why are you out of bed?"

"David, can you tell me what has happened to Dylan? Why hasn't he come home yet?"

Rita could barely hold her discontent since she was a prisoner in this house with David and she hadn't seen her beloved son in a while.

"He'll be fine. Maybe he and Beryl were distracted by something fun and they just forgot that it was time to go home. I've sent some people to look for them. I'll call them later." David walked to Rita and held her in his arms, offering his comfort.

However, Rita had heard what he had just said to Jacob, and he hadn't sounded so steady a few minutes ago.

"David, is this how you take care of our son? Do you still think that Dylan is not your own son? Does his safety mean nothing to you?" She pushed David away with an expressionless face, yet her eyes were turning red with disappointment and worry. Tears threatened beneath her eyelashes, and Rita seemed moments away from crying.

She knew that the paternity matter had left a permanent speck in David's eye, and he would never let it go. But did this mean that he no longer cared for Dylan?

"How can you say that? Dear, don't be mad. I've sent someone to find him. I promise you, Dylan will come home safe and sound!"

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