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   Chapter 867 You Go Too Far

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David turned serious, and his eyebrows frowned tightly after hearing his son's doubts. "Dylan, of course you are my son. Can you tell me who told you that?"

David had never planned to tell Dylan the secret since the day he decided to treat Dylan as his own son. David thought that Dylan was not old enough to hear the truth and that Dylan should not get involved in the disputes between Rita and him. Even if Dylan was not his biological son, he would still treat Dylan as his own son and didn't want to hurt him as they had formed a deep relationship with each other.

No matter what happened between Rita and David, Dylan was innocent and didn't deserve such mental trauma. David felt sorry for Dylan and hated the person who had so deliberately revealed the secret to his son.

Dylan became frightened by his father's darkened expression and shook his head quickly. "No one told me, dad. I overheard it when you quarrelled with mom last night," Dylan confessed in a lower voice.

David regretted that he and Rita had quarrelled so loudly last night, and that they had ignored the fact that Dylan was home and may have heard their talking. He tried to pretend that it was not true and comforted Dylan in a soft voice, "Dylan, it's nonsense. Why do you doubt the fact that you are my son? It was just some angry words during our disagreement. You know both your mom and I had lost control at that time. I am so sorry that it has brought such troubled thoughts to you. Son, never doubt our blood relationship, okay? We are family. Well, finish your breakfast now and then go to school. You don't want to be late."

"Dad, I... Well, thank you. I hope you and mom won't disagree with each other again. And I... Nothing important. Forget it!" Dylan hesitated and seemed to want to ask more, but he finally gave up. Actually, his father's persuasion hadn't worked on him. He didn't eat much breakfast and then left for school.

David didn't notice the change in Dylan's expression and he wrongly thought that Dylan had believed him. Now all David thought about was Rita. He wasn't proud of his behaviour and actions last night. Too much alcohol and his fears of being abandoned by her had brought out a dark side to his personality. He didn't know how to face Rita when she woke up.

If she still insisted to leave, what he would do with her then?

No matter what she said and how she begged, he would not let her leave him.

Rita finally woke up around noon. She found herself lying on the bed, and her bruised body ached all over. She remembered what had happened last night! David had been like a monster and he had treated her so violently! His torment of her had lasted a long time, and he didn't stop no matter how much she had screamed in pain or begged of him.

The terrible memory of last night left Rita feeling angry. What did she really mean to David? Was she just a tool for him to satisfy his lust? David was really a bastard! She hated him now!

At the thought of it, Rita clutched the quilt firmly with her trembling hands, and tears rolled down from her eyes. Suddenly, the door opened, and David came in with a bowl of porridge in his hand.

"Are you awake? I brought you some light food," David said calmly, as if nothing had happened between them.

Rita couldn't stand David's hypocritic

o you think that you are gonna stop me from leaving by using this wicked method? Don't you even think about it! I won't let you get away with this!"

"I don't care whether it's ethical or not. Whatever, it works on you," David sneered. There was the paranoid determination on his face, which made Rita suddenly feel afraid. "I won't let you step out of the room until you change your mind. I mean it!" David continued.

"You have no right to keep me a prisoner. I will call the police and sue you for illegal imprisonment. You will go to jail for it!" Rita retorted angrily.

"Well, you are right!" David immediately said as something came to his mind. "You just reminded me! I need to take your cell phone away." David grabbed the cell phone from Rita's hand and put it in his pocket.

"David! You are so evil!" Rita cried desperately, "You go too far!"

David grabbed her arms and planted a kiss on her face.

Rita closed her eyes and cried silently.

In the school, students rushed out of the classroom as soon as the final school bell rang. But Dylan still sat at his desk and stared blankly out of the window.

Beryl found Dylan was still there when she was walking from the classroom. She had noticed that Dylan had been out of sorts all day, so she decided to talk to him. "Dylan? Why are you still here? You have been distracted all day. What's the matter?" Beryl asked in surprise.

"Nothing. I am okay. Thank you!" David answered slowly.

But Beryl didn't believe it at all. She knew that there was something wrong with her friend.

"Come on! Tell me! What happened to you? We are best friends, and there are no secrets between us. Don't you trust me?" she insisted. She tapped Dylan on the shoulder and encouraged him to speak out.

His repressed emotions finally broke loose. He wanted to share the secrets buried in the depths of his heart with Beryl, but he was ashamed of it. He was overwhelmed with fear, anxiety and sorrow, and hot tears rolled down his cheeks.

Beryl felt panic by Dylan's sudden breakdown and asked with concern, "Dylan? Why do you cry so sadly? What has happened to you? Tell me, maybe I can help you."

Beryl had never seen Dylan cry so sadly before.

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