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   Chapter 866 Dylan Was Not His child

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David picked up the divorce settlement and tore it into pieces.

He threw up his hands and cast the pieces of the damning document aside. The shredded paper squares floated in the air and then landed on the ground, unable to be pieced together again.

Rita watched him tearing the divorce settlement, calm and expressionless like a beautiful and soulless statue, as if her determination wouldn't be shaken regardless of what he did.

"It doesn't matter. I still have another copy. Just sign your name on it when you have calmed down a little."

"Calm down? I'm unable to calm myself down!" David stared at Rita with a mixture of anger and sorrow and then continued, "You are going to leave me. How shall I calm myself down? Rita, tell me. What can I do to keep you by my side?"

"I won't change my mind whatever you do." Rita had considered this matter for a long time before she had made up her mind to leave David. Now she was completely disappointed with him, and there was no remedy for this at all.

She once loved him with all of her heart and soul, but he had hurt her feelings too many times. Now her trust in him was destroyed. If she continued staying with him, she feared that she would finally lose herself, have a nervous breakdown and go crazy.

The twinkle of hope in his eyes was ruthlessly snuffed out. Every word which Rita said was like a knife, piercing his heart and leaving heartache with each cut.

"I know you're sad. I'm sorry, but I have to do this." Rita took a deep breath and added, "My heart aches too. I don't want to be with you because we will just continue to hurt each other in the days to come. After our divorce, you will eventually get used to living without me. We are not a good match for each other..."

Suddenly David laughed with a look of grief in his eyes. "We have been together for so many years. Are there only bad memories of us in your mind? Don't you love me at all?"

Rita did not answer his question. In reality, she had no courage to answer him because her answer was not what he would wish to hear. Although she was determined to leave him, she didn't want to hurt him further.

She ignored his questions and continued, "As for Dylan... Since you suspect that he is not your child, I will take him away. I want neither the company stocks nor the villas from you. I just want the divorce..."

Before she could finish her words, David suddenly got up, pushed her down on the sofa and pressed his lips to hers to stop her from uttering these words which would cut his heart to the quick. He held her face between his h

s slender fingers. Then he picked her up and carried her to the bathroom for a shower. After washing their bodies, he finally placed her on the bed.

David held Rita tightly in his arms and looked at her pale sleeping face, whispering, "I hope you can keep to your words. Otherwise, I will lock you up, and in this way, you will stay with me forever..."

It was a dreary and hazy night.

The next morning, when David woke up, Rita was still sleeping because last night she had suffered a lot.

He kissed her on the forehead before he got up.

In the dining room, Dylan was eating breakfast which the nanny had prepared. When he saw David walking toward him, his dark eyes flickered momentarily at his father, and then he looked away.

David noticed the strained, unfamiliar look of embarrassment on Dylan's face. He suddenly had mixed feelings.

He had always regarded Dylan as his own son in the past. He had loved this child and given him everything. But after someone had sent him the paternity test, his peaceful family life was destroyed.

He couldn't believe it then. So he had the paternity test done again, but the result was exactly the same. Dylan was not his child.

But he knew that he would rather accept Dylan as his child than lose Rita. David kept telling himself that he wouldn't blame her for her indiscretions as long as she did not leave him. And he would treat Dylan as his own child and bring him up.

Besides, he had gotten along with Dylan for many years and had developed fond feelings for the boy.

"Dylan, do you have something to say?" David asked softly.

Dylan looked at him and nodded, hesitating for a few moments before asking, "Dad. I'm not your biological son, am I?"

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