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   Chapter 865 Sign The Divorce Agreement

The Spoiled Girl By Elephant Characters: 11662

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"What are you talking about?" David asked with great surprise. He couldn't believe such cruel words were coming out of Rita's mouth. "Rita, are you kidding? You must be kidding me. But this joke is not funny at all. I don't want to hear this from you any more," he added uncertainly.

"David, wake up, please! How long are you gonna cheat yourself? It's time to face the reality," Rita said plainly. She decided to pull David out of his illusions and force him to face the problem between them. "I have been in such pain these days. I guess you can't even imagine what I've been going through. But luckily, I am relieved of it now because I've decided to finish all of this," Rita said in a matter of fact tone.

"Are you going to give up on us? On the relationship between us? Do you even want to give up on our child?" David said in an aghast tone. His lips trembled violently, and every word was too hard for him to speak, while tears welled up in his eyes.

"No, I won't leave our child alone. I will take our child away," Rita said firmly after taking a deep breath. And then, she looked at him with distant eyes.

"Rita, it's all my fault. I beg your forgiveness. I hope you can give me another chance! Give both of us a chance to start again… We have been together for so many years. It's never been easy for us. We should treasure our marriage and every day which we had spent together. But now you tell me you will give up! What should I do without you?" David asked excitedly, his heart thumping painfully in his chest, like a hammer beating against his ribs.

"David, it's no use for you..." Rita wanted to stop him, but she found it was useless.

"Rita, don't rush to make such a decision. Think it over again. Please! " he begged hoarsely. He realized then that Rita meant it this time. He was afraid that she would leave him, and he couldn't imagine a life without her. "We can talk about it later, right? Can we talk about this matter after I've recovered? Don't leave me when I need you so badly. Please!" he insisted. He planned to reach a compromise first so he could then try to persuade her to give up on this crazy idea later.

Rita was filled with pity at the look of misery on his face. She knew that his words were of all half truths, but her heart somehow still melted when she heard his pleading. She couldn't help but think of the happy days which they had spent together.

Finally, she closed her eyes and nodded slightly to David.

Since then, they didn't quarrel with each other any longer and never mentioned such unhappy topics. It seemed that they had restored their relationship, but both of them could feel the barrier between them. They both deliberately maintained their defunct marriage.

David actively cooperated with the doctors and wanted to take this opportunity to show his positive attitude to Rita. Different from the past, he behaved humble to her and even tried to please her in every aspect. Touched by his sincerity, Rita's attitude to him also softened, instead of continuously being cold to him. They seemed to have turned their relationship back on the right track again after the serious misunderstanding which Nora had caused between them.

Apart from David, Emily and Jacob were even more ecstatic after hearing that David and Rita had made up. But their reasons for happiness were quite different. Emily felt happy because her best friend had finally stepped out of her pain, while Jacob felt happy because he saw th

ita replied softly after a pause.

David was surprised by her abnormal behavior and felt so flattered. "Rita, really? I...I am so surprised!" he asked as if he didn't believe it was real.

Rita didn't respond but took the bowl from his hand. She brought a spoonful of the soup to his lips after making sure that it had cooled down. David felt that he was in a dream and was moved that she even wiped the remaining soup from the corners of his lips after she had finished feeding him.

"Do you feel better now?" Rita broke the silence after a long while.

David nodded. The herb soup worked soon, and he felt much sobered.

She took the bowl back to the kitchen, cleaned the table and then sat down in front of him. "Well, let's get down to business now," she said seriously.

David hadn't excepted this moment, and a bad feeling suddenly sprung up in his heart. He seemed to know what Rita would talk to him about but he still didn't want to believe it.

He rubbed at his forehead uneasily and forced a smile for her. "Rita, why are you so serious now? I'm not used to it. We are a couple and don't have to be so formal to each other, okay? If you want to share something with me, I am ready to listen to you."

Rita didn't speak but sighed slightly. She took a folded document from her handbag and put it on the table. "David, now that you have recovered, it's time to sign it," she said coldly.

David moved a bit in his seat and took the papers in his hand, finding that it was a divorce agreement. The shock of this unexpected turn of events sobered him up completely. His eyes widened, and he trembled all over. "Rita, what do you mean?" he asked with surprise and a note of panic. He had thought that she had forgiven him, but it turned out that she hadn't!

Rita handed him a pen and hinted at him to sign the agreement. "I have already signed it. Now it's your turn. After your signature, both of us are free," Rita said in a peaceful tone.

Her words echoed in David's mind. He couldn't believe what had happened in an instant. A few minutes before, they were close to each other, and Rita had even fed him soup. Now all that intimacy had vanished like bubbles. The sudden change of her attitude was beyond his expectation. How cruel she was! She had dragged him directly from heaven into hell!

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