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   Chapter 864 Rita, Save Me!

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7352

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Poor David had not recovered yet and was powerless to oppose Nora's advances. He was like a lamb to the slaughter, and couldn't do anything in defiance of Nora, who was doing whatever she liked to him.

This was possibly the most humiliating moment of his life.

Nora obviously came prepared. She unbuttoned David's clothes, and then tore her own. Soon she entangled herself with him!

Then, at this moment, Rita walked in.

Hearing the door of the ward being opened, David felt a thump in his heart. He exerted all his remaining strength in an attempt to push Nora away, but his hands were made feeble by his injuries!

Rita had never expected that while she had only been away for a short while, Nora had snuck in, still in a ripped nurse's uniform!

"You, you..." Seeing the two tangled together, Rita became so angry that she trembled and could not speak a complete sentence!

David was still in hospital, not even fully recovered. How could they do things like this and cheat on her?! Are they really so anxious for the pleasures of the flesh that they would even seize such a short moment to copulate?! Devastated Rita stared at the scene of betrayal before her eyes.

She wanted to rush forward to separate the two, but her feet had become as heavy as lead, and she was fixed in place like a petrified statue.

Nora hadn't expected that Rita would be back so soon, but it played right into her hands. She smiled an elated smile, and snorted like a whore. "Oh, I'm sorry! You see it... Then I will not hide it. Dearest David and I are in love with each other. Please, let us be together!"

"Shut up!" David was so offended by Nora that he almost vomited up blood. Panic in his eyes, he looked at his wife, and spluttered, "Rita, don't listen to her. She is a liar! She was deliberately setting me up!"

'Setting him up? Really?' Rita thought bitterly.

She felt tired in her heart, and she closed her eyes, trying to hold her tears. "Then I will not disturb you."

After saying this, she turned and left. She even closed the doors for them.

Nora's lips cracked into a wicked smile. Her eyes were filled with triumphant joy and clumsily concealed smugness. She said, "Davi


At last, Nora was dragged away. It was disgusting to think of the places on his body that had just been touched by her. David wanted to shower himself at least a dozen times, but was unable to. Due to his injuries, he could only lie in the bed weakly.

Everybody knew better than to linger. And after Nora was taken away, they all left, giving the couple an opportunity to talk alone.

Soon, only Rita and David were left in the ward.

It was fine when there were many people in the room. But now that they were left face to face, David felt a little bit nervous like a prisoner who was waiting for the final sentence.

"Rita... listen to me..."

"You've already explained it." Rita interrupted him immediately, with a faint expression on her face. "You don't need to explain it again."

"Then you believed the adultery accusation?" Looking at her expression, David felt his heart freeze over in despair.

He would rather have had Rita quarrel with him as she had been doing. And there was no problem if she even beat him to within an inch of his life. That would have been better than to see her sitting so expressionlessly as if what had happened had nothing to do with her.

David could not accept her behaving like this.

"Is it important whether I believe you or not?" Rita was no longer hysterical this time but was somewhat calm and relieved instead. She said, "David, I am tired of going on like this, and I've decided to let you go."

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