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   Chapter 863 I Missed You So Much

The Spoiled Girl By Changdu Characters: 7387

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That night, the VIP ward was very quiet.

After Rita had left, only David was left in the ward, lying on the white hospital bed.

Not knowing how long had passed, the door was secretively opened by someone from outside. A hot nurse came in pushing the medical cart.

David was not sleeping deeply, so the low sound woke him up. He opened his eyes to look at the nurse, whom he felt looked a little familiar.

The nurse looked around furtively, closed the door softly and stole inside like a thief. Not waiting for David to ask, the nurse took off her mask revealing her beautiful face.

It was Nora!

David remembered vaguely that several days ago, while he was not completely conscious yet, Nora had come to see him, but was stopped by Rita and Emily.

He also remembered that Rita had quarrelled with him today because of Nora. Upon reflection, David believed that Rita had done nothing wrong by chasing Nora away as it showed that, in her heart, Rita still cared about him very much.

'If Rita could not only care about me, but also trust me more, everything would be much easier, ' David thought sadly.

"Nora, what are you doing here?" he asked in a cool tone. David did not welcome Nora at all now. Though he had once loved her, it was now in the past and an old story. Now David loved only Rita.

Though he had helped Nora before, it was because of his own brother. David had never thought that it could cause such big trouble for himself.

Hearing what David had said, Nora could not help feeling aggrieved. "Of course I came to see you! Why? Don't you feel touched? Do you know how much Emily and Rita have bullied me..."

David sat up and slightly coughed with his hand against his mouth. "Now that you know that they do not welcome you, you'd better not come here again. Rita and I just quarrelled because of you. Don't you think that you should feel sorry for that?"

A brief delight flashed through Nora's eyes, but soon she donned a guilty expression and said, "I'm so sorry. I just care about you too much. Never did I think that it would come to this point... But it seems that Rita does not love you as much. Otherwise, why doesn't she trust you more? Maybe she has already

to pretend to be the father of her child!

'Am I really so menial that I can only play such a role in your life, Nora? I will never do that! Even if I am menial, I would only ever do that for Rita but not for you!' David thought angrily.

"Get out of here, right now! I do not want to see you anymore!" David said coldly without any emotion showing on his pale face.

Nora felt disappointment stabbed in her heart. She had always thought that David loved her and would take her as his princess forever...

However, the truth slapped her hard in the face! 'David is my back-up plan! How dare he love someone else? He was supposed to only love me for the rest of his life!' Nora screamed in her heart.

"It's okay. You have just suffered some brain damage from the car accident. You will understand later!" She seemed to be comforting herself as she continued, "I'm sure that you will know what a good girl I am soon enough!"

Then she suddenly threw herself at David!

He was not fully recovered so he could not move fast. Pressed down by Nora's weight, his face turned a pale white from pain, and he yelled, "Nora, get off me, right now! Don't you hear me?!"

'Goddamn woman! Are you crazy?!' David swore at her in his mind as he was unable to speak.

"No, I won't! My dearest David, I really missed your warm embrace. Please, do not push me away, okay..." Nora held David tightly with her eagerly roving hands began to grope his body from head to toe.

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