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   Chapter 862 The Maid Will Take Care Of You

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"David, what happened between you and Rita? Why would she try to leave? She just came back,"

Jacob was a little annoyed when he questioned David. He had clearly seen during these past few days how carefully Rita had taken care of David. Even a blind man could see Rita's care and love for David.

Burying his head in arms, David felt so helpless. He also knew how much Rita loved and cared for him. However, he did not understand why she would feel so angry at his care for her. What's more, David really wanted to know when Rita had found out that Nora was pregnant.

"Jacob, I do not have the time to explain to you now. You know how much I love Rita! I love her more than anyone else, but she is behaving really radical now. So please, please, get her back for me," David begged.

"Don't worry. I will find her. But I need to get you back to the bed first." Jacob knew that David was not fully recovered, and his wounds might be torn open after this. As for Rita, Jacob believed that they just needed a suitable time to talk with each other again. And of course, he would help them to find that time.

Rita did not leave the hospital as she was stopped by Emily at the gate. Emily also felt hurt seeing Rita's eyes so full of tears.

"Rita, why are you crying? Jacob told me that you wanted to leave, and he hoped that I could make you stay," Emily did not know what had happened, so she just told Rita quite simply what she knew.

"Emily, I'm okay. I just came out to get some fresh air."

Rita calmed down and nodded amicably at Emily. She did not tell Emily the truth because she did not want Emily to worry about her.

In the ward, David could wait no longer so he asked Jacob to push him out in a wheel chair.

The hospital was so noisy and mixed with the heavy smell of disinfectant. It made people feel depressed. Rita and Emily were talking at the gate of the hospital. Seeing Rita by the entrance, David could not help yelling, "Rita!"

She could, of course, not help raising up her head upon hearing the familiar voice. But she just felt so aggrieved that she imm

Rita did not want to quarrel with him anymore as he was still not recovered. He needed a quiet environment to rest, so it made no sense to keep quarreling.

"You must be tired now. Get some sleep after you've eaten, and do not think too much." Rita helped David to collect the magazines from David's bedside and put some well-cut fruit on the table. She had never served anyone so carefully except for David.

He realized this quite clearly and remembered it in his heart. Rita's careful actions made David think that she was no longer angry with him, and he said, "Rita, you did all of this for me because you were worried about me. So I want you to stay with me..."

However, Rita packed her bag and smoothed the edge of her dress, preparing to leave as she interrupted, "I will not change my mind, so stop, please. Get some sleep."

Then, without another word, she opened the door and left.

Emily was waiting for Rita outside the door. She could see Rita's confusion but said nothing. Emily knew that Rita was worried about David but she also wanted to control her love for him.

"Rita, are you leaving now?" Emily asked gently.

"Yes, I want to see Dylan." Rita smiled in reply, though it was a weary smile. Emily knew she was struggling and that she should protect her friend's last stubborn disguise.

"Sure, okay. You have not seen him for a long time. Let's go together."

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