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   Chapter 861 It Is Impossible

The Spoiled Girl By Elephant Characters: 7305

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On her way out, Rita contemplated her future with David with a mixture of anxiety and worry.

'The only person who stands to be a thorn in our side is Nora. But she is not the only problem in our life. What if we come across more challenges in the future? Will we be able to fight for each other? What would we do then?' Rita was overwhelmed with questions.

Suddenly, Rita felt light-headed, failing to find confidence in her marriage. The problem was not about love, as she knew without a doubt that they loved each other very much. But unfortunately, even love could not fix everything.

Lost in deep thought, Rita found herself in the terrace banked with flowers and sat on the bench.

And yet after spending several hours mulling it over, Rita found that she had almost nothing to say about it.

Rita's mind was a complete mess, and no matter how hard she tried she just could not envision a future with David. A part of her wanted to quit the fight and put an end to her misery, but the cost was too high.

Before long, the sun set at the horizon, spreading its benevolence into a grateful sky. Rich hues of red blended with oranges, purples and crimsons. Rita's spirit soared at the sight as she was transported into a timeless existence, but only to be woken by a sudden realization that she had spent the entire afternoon sitting there.

'Oh, no! Where did the time go?' Rita sprang up and ran.

Meanwhile, just outside David's ward.

"Honey, why hasn't Rita come back yet?" Emily's brows furrowed deep as she turned to look at Jacob with an expectant look on her face. Unable to be still, she paced around muttering something, her eyes wide and to the ground.

Jacob gently grabbed her by the shoulders and comforted her, "Will you please calm down? Rita is quite capable of taking care of herself, and I'm sure that she will be back soon."

"Perhaps you are right." Although still a bit doubtful, Emily felt relieved by Jacob's words knowing that he would not lie to her.

Suddenly, Emily's cell phone rang.

Emily fished her cell phone out of her bag quickly and answered it as soon as she saw Rita's called ID on the screen.

"Hey, Rita, where on eart

thought of how silly she had been to be so naive and gullible.

David's head was spinning because of Rita's words. 'Why would Nora be carrying my child? How is that even possible?

If Nora is pregnant, then the baby must be my brother's. Why would it be mine?' David was lost in bafflement.

"Rita, what are you talking about? Who told you this?" David's brows furrowed.

"What am I talking about? Really, David? Nora told me herself and she even showed me the pregnancy report! Are you still going to pretend as if you have no idea about this?" Rita finally broke down in tears.

Tears of disappointment escaped from the corners of her eyes as she looked at David one more time before running out of the ward.

A look of desperation came over David as he watched Rita leave.


Completely disregarding his wounds, David threw back the quilt and tried to run after Rita. All he wanted was to hold her in his arms so that she would not cry for him anymore.

Unfortunately, even though David's recovery had made remarkable progress over the past few days, he was still far from his best. As a result, he stumbled to the floor as soon as he took a few steps.

Just then, Jacob pushed the door open and stepped in to see David crawling on the ground.

"David?" Jacob felt so confused.

'What is going on? I was just curious to see what had happened since I saw Rita crying just now, but why is David on the floor...' he wondered.

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