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   Chapter 860 Drawing A Snake Out Of Its Hole

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Nora so eagerly wanted to see David. If she knew that she had a chance to see him, she would very soon come out of hiding.

Not knowing anything about this, Nora just heard that Rita had left the hospital, so she furtively entered into David's ward.

"David, how did you come to this point?" Seeing David lying in the bed, weak and fragile, Nora's eyes quickly reddened.

She had never realized that David had been hurt so badly...

'It is all Rita and Emily's fault! Why didn't they allow me to see David earlier?!'

Thinking that Rita might return soon, Nora wiped her tears away and leaned forward, wanting to kiss David on his cheek. However, someone interrupted her, "Mrs. Mo, long time no see."

Rita, Sam, Emily, and Jacob were all standing quietly at the door looking at Nora.

"Long time no see," she agreed weakly, not knowing how to justify her presence. She was at a complete loss for words.

Thinking that at least she had seen David, Nora did not want to risk their wrath by staying longer, either.

"Sam, don't just stand there." Jacob's brows furrowed as he hinted at his underling.

"Wait!" Nora quickly blocked Sam's hand as he tried to lead her out, and she took one step back.

Rita was finally irritated by her and burst out into rage. "Nora! What on earth do you want?! Just let go of David, please! He is not yours!"

Every time after meeting with Nora, Rita would feel exhausted. She really hoped that everything would now quickly come to an end.

However, Nora did not want to end this at all. She even felt that David still loved and cared about her. In her delusional mind, Rita was the intruder, not her.

'Otherwise, why would David have helped me?' she thought smugly.

Seeing David sleeping soundly in the bed, Nora suddenly burst into laughter. "My dear David, wake up now, please! You need to see how much they have bullied me."

Nora pulled a wry smile as if she were the one who was hurt most in this love game.

"Nora, what the hell are you talking about? Who bullied you?" Casting a glimpse at Rita, Emily could not help refuting Nora as she really wanted to slap the smugness off from her face.

If one asked who was being hurt most in this love game, then, obviously, Emily thought that Rita had suffered the most.

From the beginning till now, Rita had shown herself as a reasonably vested party to the drama—David's wife! Everything she had ever done was just to protect her own family. What's more, she had never bullied

faced with the sleeping David and recalled the days when they had squabbled so bitterly with each other. Today, she wanted to think about her own future.

"Of course." Emily nodded her head without hesitation. Seeing that Rita was not in a good mood, Emily added, "Do you need me to accompany you?"

Though they had found Nora, and she had been taken away by Sam, Emily still worried that Rita could be in danger by going out alone.

"No, no. Just leave me alone for a while now." Rita shook her head and left the ward without any hesitation or a backward glance.

Emily watched Rita's lonely back disappear down the passage outside and could not help feeling hurt because of the pain which she saw in her friend.

She wailed, "Honey, why is Rita's life so hard..." Emily turned to bury her head into Jacob's chest and sobbed in a low voice.

From the moment that Rita had given birth to Dylan, she had been all alone, till now. Nora had continuously sought ways to bother her again and again. Rita's love journey to find David's heart was really hard. She was totally exhausted mentally and physically.

"Everything will be fine." Jacob did not know what to say but lightly rubbed Emily's back and comforted her gently with his lips pressed against the top of her head.

Usually no one could recall when love arose in their heart. But once involved in it, they would fall into the deep chasm of it and never be able to climb out again. Hence, David also did not know when he had fallen in love with Rita.

Perhaps it was exactly because there had been so many difficulties in their love journey that David and Rita would love each other so much.

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