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   Chapter 858 That Woman Is Just A Trouble Maker

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7499

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As David's best friend for so many years, Jacob could not believe that David would do such things.

"That woman is just a liar! We should not believe a single word that comes out of her mouth," Jacob said as he rubbed Emily's hair gently.

Jacob and David were both born into rich families, and as such, were used to the lies and deceit of every gold-digging, pregnant women that came at them. Although Nora and David knew each other for a long time, the fact that Nora was the wife of David's brother meant that David would never cross that line.

"I also believe David but I just could not help feeling angry at Nora for causing so much trouble," Emily murmured, curling her lips in disdain.

Emily and Rita did not want to cause a scene in the hospital, but Nora kept on yelling and embarrassing everyone around her, including herself. However, no one did anything to stop Nora because she was pregnant.

In fact, the one who should have been the most embarrassed was Nora, but she did not seem to have a care in the world.

"I'll find out the truth and bring justice to Rita."

Taking Emily's concern upon himself, Jacob called Sam over the phone and asked him to investigate Nora.

"Now, will you please try and relax for one moment?"

After hanging up the phone with Sam, Jacob looked at Emily affectionately.

"Okay." Emily nuzzled her nose against the crook of his neck and rest her head on his shoulder. "Honey, you are always so good to me."

"I have a bigger surprise waiting for you." Jacob's eyes became deeper as he smelt Emily's unique fragrance.

He held Emily's hand even tighter.

"What?" Emily raised her head and stared at Jacob with big eyes, fluttering her long, dark lashes at him.

"You will know soon enough."

Jacob gave Emily a mischievous smile and kissed her on the forehead, her eyes, her nose and her mouth...

Before long, the temperature in the room started rising, and the smell of love was in the air...

The next day, Emily felt as though her body were cemented to the bed. Last night with Jacob left her physically exhausted, but she forced herself to get up and go to the hospital, despite all the pain.

Emily left home in a hurry as she thought that Nora would try to pull

ong had past, Emily shook her head to dismiss her thoughts and walked over to Rita. "Hey, did you ask him?" she whispered.

Emily wondered if Rita had the chance to tell David about what happened yesterday and the news of Nora's pregnancy.

Rita's eyes displayed mixed feelings as she looked at David's sleeping face in silence.

After a while, Rita shook her head. "Emily, I did not know how to bring it up, especially after seeing David like this."

'David has not fully recovered yet. This is neither the time nor the place to be discussing such matters.

I do not want to cause David any unnecessary stress that could aggravate his injuries. I cannot afford to risk his life again.' Rita had her mind made up.

"But if you do not ask him sooner, you will be the one to suffer the consequences, right?" Emily's concern solely rested on Rita's well-being.

David's recovery showed progress, but it was still too early to be certain of anything. While, Dylan was not old enough for Rita to tell him anything happening between them. Poor Rita had to carry all these burdens on her own.

"Yes, you are right." Rita bit her lower lip and did not deny the fact that Emily was right.

"After David makes a full recovery, I will see to it that he gives me a full explanation, or else..."

'Or else, what am I going to do?' Rita asked herself. She did not know the answer to that question but she was sure about one thing that she would never forgive David for the rest of her life.

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