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   Chapter 857 Unspeakable Pain

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After quite an amount of time, David finally woke up from his coma.

Yet Rita, who was so tired that she had dozed off and fallen asleep, didn't know he was awake.

David glanced through bleary eyes at the woman who was sleeping next to him, and then he lifted his fingers and caressed her smooth and tender cheek.

This woman, who had so desperately wanted to get a divorce before the accident, had chosen regardless to stay and look after him while he was injured.

He sighed quietly, and wondered, 'Rita, what am I supposed to do with you?'

A fountain of love bubbled up in David's eyes. Right at that moment, Rita let out a slight sound, and it seemed like she was about to wake up.

He noticed it, so he quietly put down his fingers and closed his eyes, pretending to still be asleep.


Rita felt her cheek itched. She scratched it and stretched herself a little bit, and then she looked at David, who seemed to still be in a coma.

A moment ago, she had felt as if in a dream that David was awake and he had even touched her face with his fingers to wake her up.

"I must have been too tired. Maybe it was only an illusion," she murmured softly. Rubbing her sore neck, Rita shook her head.

'Apparently David is still in a coma. Then why did I just dream that he was awake? Why do I have this feeling that someone has touched my face?' she puzzled.

Feeling at her cheek, Rita still felt as if a sense of coldness had slide through her skin.

Hearing Rita's mumbling, David couldn't help but smile.

And it surprised Rita immediately.

"David? Are you awake?" Rita couldn't believe her eyes. She rubbed her sleepy eyes again and again, calling out his name, barely able to contain her excitement.

David couldn't pretend to be asleep anymore. He opened his eyes and winked at Rita, murmuring, "My dear...Rita..."

What he said was obscured by the oxygen mask which still covered his face, thus Rita could only see his lips moving yet couldn't hear him clearly.

"David, what do you want to say?" She leaned forward to him carefully, trying to hear his weak and hoarse voice.


David was calling her name!

Rita's eyes sparkled with tears right away.

"I'm here. I'm here." She chocked on her tears and immediately took his hand in hers.

"David, I..."

She had so

missing them." He shook his head and tried to look brave.

Emily understood that kids of Dylan's age would miss their own families, no matter how much fun they were having with their friends.

She felt sad for him. Feeling this sadness angered her, making her want to beat David and Nora up for the troubles they had caused.

"Darling, what's up? You have been upset since you came back from the hospital,"

Jacob asked Emily that night in a concerned tone as he hugged her in his arms while she sat on the bedside in a daze.

Emily seemed to be really dispirited when she had returned from the hospital. And when he tried to talk to her, she would stare at Dylan. He wondered what magic the boy had which drew her attention so much.

"Nothing." She sighed as she leaned against Jacob's chest.

Smelling his freshly showered fragrance Emily closed her eyes and said wearily, "Nora is pregnant."

Yes, Nora had been pregnant for ten weeks or so. According to Rita's reaction to the news, this child might indeed be David Xu's.

'Sure, it's for the best if the child isn't his. But what if… Then it's anyone's guess how things will turn out, ' Emily's mind kept milling over the day's events as she pondered.

"So what? The Xu family might send her back to M Country." Jacob cared about no woman other than Emily, so he didn't think it was a big deal.

'Things might be easier if they could do that. If so, then Rita and I need not to be vexed about it, ' she considered.

Emily shook her head. "No. Nora said this child was David's."

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