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   Chapter 855 Not Able To Bargain

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Nora didn't believe what Emily said but she did believe in Jacob's abilities.

Her face instantly turned cloudy, and she tried hard to control her trembling voice. "Miss Bai, this is a matter between me and Rita. I advise you not to get involved in it and let us deal with it by ourselves."

"Oh. Actually I don't care about it. But I regard all things which has something to do with Rita's happiness as my concern. Therefore, it makes sense that I take care of my own business. Do you agree?" Emily hummed and did not believe any of the nonsense which Nora had said.

She already treated Rita's business as hers, so she would never allow Rita to be bullied, certainly not by the likes of Nora.

"You..." Nora was choked to silence by Emily's words and could hardly speak.

"I'll give you five minutes. If you have nothing to tell me, then I'll go. By then, you either leave the hospital by yourself or I'll instruct others to get you out of here 'gently'."

Saying the word 'gently' with heavy emphasis for special effect, Emily glanced at her wrist watch and looked at Nora coldly.

Obviously, Emily was cautioning Nora that if she refused to be obedient, then Emily would use force to solve the problem.

Nora was trembling. But no one could tell whether it was from fear or anger.

"Emily, you can't do this to me."

"Why not? You are neither a relative, nor my family, nor a friend of mine. Why should I be afraid of you? Nora, I'm not Rita. Being polite is all I can do when treating people like you."

Since becoming a mother, Emily's personality had become softer than before. She would usually allow for unforeseen circumstances when dealing with problems.

Taking Nora for example, Emily did not instruct her bodyguards to directly throw Nora out, but asked her to leave by herself.

If it had been Jacob, Nora would surely have paid for what she did.

"Because… Because..." Nora suddenly turned on Emily with her eyes sparkling a brilliant light as she said triumphantly, "Because I'm pregnant. And this is David's child!"

Raising her head, Nora secretly kept her fingers crossed and looked at Emily, with an expression of 'how do you plan

e really pregnant with David's baby, you are still not qualified to bargain with us." Emily held Rita's hand and gently comforted her, "Don't forget that you are David's sister-in-law, but you are now… If the Xu family knew about it, what do you think they would do?"

Emily said lightly while looking at her fancy nails which had been done just a few days ago.

Being a successful family with lots of great businesses, if what Nora had done was known by others, the Xu family would definitely feel ashamed and angry.

So what, even if Nora was pregnant with the flesh and blood of the Xu family? Her status would only become lower and lower in the Xu family.


What Emily had said hit very close to home for Nora. Her face suddenly became uncertain, with stormy clouds filling her eyes as she paled even more.

Indeed, if the Xu family knew that she hung around with David after marrying the cripple, she would certainly be concealed from the public.

However, Nora thought that now was not the time to reveal her fear, so she straightened up, pushing her chest, raised her head and said, "I am pregnant with the young child of the Xu family. Therefore, they will not pick on me."

"Oh, you are too naive." Rita raised her head and laughed ironically three times.

With her understanding of the patriarch of the Xu family, how could he tolerate a disturbed daughter-in-law who had made such a great trouble in the Xu family?

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