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   Chapter 854 The Crazy Woman

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Emily thought she had persuaded Nora to leave. However, it turned out that things were not going to be as simple as she had imagined.

The next day, Emily took some tonic soup to the hospital as usual.

"Rita, did David wake up today?" She set the soup aside and stretched out her hand to pat Rita's shoulder, looking at the man sunk away in sleep on the bed.

"Yes, he did. But just for a short while." Rita nodded, then she turned around and leaned into Emily's arms, her eyes full of contentment

She was so glad that the times when David was awake were getting longer and longer every day.

"Well, that's so good! Come over here and have some soup first. Today I asked the maidservant to make the lotus seed soup for you. It's your favorite."

As soon as the soup box was opened, the fragrance of the dishes wafted wantonly through the ward.

Rita had been feeling a little hungry. She took a deep breath, enjoying the mouth watering aroma. Happiness spread over her face. "Thank you, Emily. It's so nice to have you here.

By the way, is Dylan all right staying with you? Did he bully Beryl?"

After receiving the soup which Emily dished up, Rita suddenly thought of Dylan. She had not cared about him at all these past few days. Suddenly she wondered whether he was used to living in Emily's home or not.

When it came to Dylan, an interesting picture came to Emily's mind. As she had been about to leave for the hospital earlier, she saw Dylan and Beryl were arguing with each other. Thinking of this, Emily couldn't help laughing out loud. "Both of them are well. It is fortunate that Beryl does not bully your Dylan."

Though Dylan looked quite young, he thought and acted like an adult. So there was no need to worry that he would bully Beryl.

Besides, she had found that Dylan loved Beryl very much.

Hearing what she said, Rita took a sip of the soup and flashed a big smile. Smiles had been absent from her lovely face these days. "I know my boy. Once he gets his loved one, he will completely forget his own mother."

Hearing this, Emily burst into laughter. "Rita, how could you describe your Dylan like that?" She covered her mouth with a hand so as to suppress her own laughter. "He..."

Before Emily was able to finish the sentence, she suddenly froze. She stared firmly ahead.

'Nora mu

pital shouting and demanding to see you," a nurse said in preplexion.

"That woman is shouting so loudly, and she is seriously affecting the normal order of our hospital as well as upsetting the patients. Could you please..."

"The crazy bitch! She's too crazy!" Hearing what the nurse said, Rita jumped up in anger.

"Rita, let me deal with it. You stay here to look after David."

Thinking that someone must remain to guard David here, Emily took Rita's arm and offered to deal with the matter concerning Nora.

She wanted to see what kind of tricks Nora was playing now. And how could she even dare to threaten them in this way?

Emily soon followed the nurse downstairs.

"Emily, where is Rita? I want to meet her!"

"Rita is busy. She has no time to meet you. What on earth is the matter? You can tell me." Emily crossed her arms and stood in front of Nora, dominating the troublemaker with her presence.

Nora was a whole head shorter than Emily. She lost her momentum a little as she looked up at her. Not willing to give up, Nora turned her head aside and said, "You are not Rita. You are not qualified to talk with me."

"Really? Don't you believe that I will call Jacob to inform the Xu family to come at once and take you away?"

Emily had known quite clearly about Nora's games since long before. So she was not afraid of her at all.

A woman who had been married to David's brother played footsie with David and became entangled with him. Emily thought what she did could be comparable to the plot of a cheesy novel.

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