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   Chapter 853 David Wakes Up

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A doctor and a nurse rushed to David's ward as soon as possible. After all, David was an important patient.

"What's wrong, Mrs. Xu?"

"David! David! He woke up!" Rita answered, with a blank look.

She stood up and walked aside, making room for the doctor and the nurse, but her eyes never once left David, not even for a second.

Emily came to hold Rita at once and comforted, "Everything will be fine now. Don't worry about it, Rita. David has woken up."

"But... But he closed his eyes again. I'm afraid..." Rita frowned and bit her lips when she looked at the unconscious David. She was afraid that what she just saw had only been a dream.

"Emily, could you pinch my arm? I wonder if I was dreaming," Rita said, as she put Emily's hand on her arm.

"All right!" Emily answered with profound resignation and softly pinched Rita's arm.

The gentle pain on her arm told Rita that what she just saw had been true instead of a dream. Tears filled her eyes at once.

'David did wake up! He finally woke up!' Rita thought to herself with relief and excitement.

She had been waiting for this moment for three days. He had finally opened his eyes and looked at her.

The results of the doctor's examination confirmed the fact that David had indeed woken up. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief as some of their worries were allayed at last.

The doctor sighed aloud and said with a relieved smile, "Congratulation, Mrs. Xu! Mr. Xu is in recovery now. He will stay awake longer next time. Don't worry about it! He is out of danger now."

When David had been brought into the hospital, the doctors were instructed in no uncertain terms by the Xu family and Jacob that they must save David's life no matter what the cost. So the doctors felt a deep relief at being able to give the good news that David was going to be fine now.

"Really?" Rita could not believe what she heard and wanted to hear the confirmation from the doctor again.

The doctor nodded and answered, "Yes, Mrs. Xu. Mr. Xu is getting better. Everything is fine now."

After the overall examination, the doctor told them how to look after David when he woke up again. Then the d

"If you don't want to leave here on your own, I can give an order to have you walked out of the hospital at once. And you will be denied access to this hospital from now on," Emily continued and said.

Thanks to Jacob, who had ordered some bodyguards to watch the ward, Emily could stand her ground. Otherwise she would have struggled to stop Nora from entering the ward.

"Miss Bai, how can you be so cruel?"

Nora had never expected that Emily would be so resolute. She clenched her jaw and glanced at the two bodyguards behind Emily. They were silently making it plain that they had no intention of letting her pass.

"Cruel?" It was the first time for Emily to hear such a remark from someone about her. She sneered, however, because she didn't care at all since it was coming from Nora.

"It's good for you to notice that. So why are you still here? Time to leave, otherwise, you will be greeted by Rita when she wakes up. You know of course how she will treat you, right? Aren't you even scared?"

After Emily finished speaking, she gave Nora a final, indifferent glance and turned away.

As she left, Emily closed the door, giving Nora no chance of seeing David.

Nora had lots to say but she would have to speak it to the door. Angrily she stared at the door obstructing her way.

At once, anger, jealousy and resentment replaced the worry in Nora's eyes.

'Emily! Rita! You'll see!' Nora swore darkly to herself.

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