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   Chapter 852 Spend As Much Time As Possible Talking To Him

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Emily and Jacob did not realize that the doctor had come out while Rita already rushed to grab his hand.

"The surgery was a success, so please rest assured. Your husband is safe." The doctor was a foreign national who spoke in a language Rita could not understand, but his facial expression was obvious enough to tell her that David was out of danger.

"Okay, thanks, doctor. Thank you so much." Letting go of the doctor's hand, Rita fell to the ground, clutching her neck painfully, as if all her energy had been drained.

The surgery had lasted for four hours, and the whole time Rita could do nothing but wait outside. Needless to say, these were the longest four hours in Rita's entire life.

As fortune would have it, David finally made it through.

"Rita, you can rest easy now, right? I told you that David would never abandon you and Dylan." Emily squatted down to hug Rita and picked her up from the floor. "Get up. Don't sit on the ground."

"The patient's vital signs have returned to normal, but we cannot say for certain when he will wake up. Therefore, as members of his family, you need to spend as much time as possible talking to him as it will increase his chances of waking up from his comatose state." The doctor explained in Chinese, albeit, not so fluently, but he tried his best to convey the message to them.

Although the surgery was successful, it was just the first step for the patient in a positive direction. However, there was still a lot of work to do as the continual treatment subsequent to the surgery was very important. The doctor made sure to make that part absolutely clear to everyone.

"Yes, I will talk to him every day. Thank you, doctor." Rita wiped her tears and courteously bowed to the doctor to show her gratitude, then she quickly ran inside the operation room to see David.

Emily followed, soon after, but Jacob stayed back to speak with the doctor.

"Thank you, Dr. Steve." Jacob reached his hand out for a hand-shake.

Steve smiled and shook hands with him. "You are welcome, Mr. Gu. It was my pleasure to help your friend, bu

ed with David in his ward and kept him company.

About three days later, David finally regained consciousness.

"He's awake! He's awake!" Emily yelled excitedly upon seeing David open his eyes.

Rita had just laid down to rest when she heard Emily's voice and completely sobered up within seconds.

Rita barely put her shoes on and rushed to see David.

Meanwhile, even though David was awake he still seemed a bit exhausted and feeble.

"David! Can you hear me?" Tears of joy ran down Rita's cheeks as she held David's hand.

The sight of Rita crying took over David's emotions, and then he started to cry as well.

He realized that he was a hair's breadth from losing his life, Rita and Dylan, forever.

David's breathing quickened as he wanted to sit up and wipe Rita's tears, but he could not move a muscle. He could only move his fingers to rub Rita's hand, trying to comfort her.

"What's wrong? Are you hurting somewhere?" Rita could not understand what David was trying to say.

David just wanted to tell her not to worry. However, he could not communicate with Rita properly because of the respiratory mask.

Perhaps it was the fatigue that rendered him too weak to speak as David blinked several times in succession and closed his weary eyes.

Rita was frightened stiff and scrambled to press the ring by the bedside to call the doctors and nurses.

"David? David!"

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