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   Chapter 851 Who Do You Think You Are

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Everyone stood in the waiting area outside the operating theatre anxiously playing the waiting game.

"Emily, David is going to be fine, right? He would not just leave us like this, right?" Rita held Emily's hand tightly and kept asking the same questions over and over again.

However, no matter how many times Rita asked, Emily patiently answered her each time, watching the closed door with anticipation. "No, of course not. David would never abandon you two. Trust me! He is going to get through this for the both of you."

Emily heard that David had lost a lot of blood and was already unconscious when he arrived at the hospital. As a consequence, there were minor hindrances with the operation.

Out of concern for David, Jacob contacted some of the most well-established doctors from abroad to do the surgery on David. However, Emily did not tell Rita about this.

"David! David! Does anybody know where David Xu's room is?"

Not knowing how long had past, a concerned cry echoed through the corridor. It sounded like the voice of a young woman.

As soon as Emily and Rita turned around to follow the sound, Nora came into their sights.

"Nora?" Rita's heart sank to the floor the moment she saw Nora.

Nora, who somehow saw Rita sitting on the bench, rushed to catch her hand and said, "Rita! Where is David? I heard that David was in a car accident. What did the doctors say?"

As a matter of fact, Nora found about David's accident when she was browsing the news on her phone in the evening. After she tried calling David's phone but found no response, she believed the news to be true...

Nora's voice trembled as if she cared more about David than Rita did. This pushed Rita over the edge, so she pushed Nora away without hesitation. "Back off and do not touch me!"

"Rita, you..." Nora staggered backwards, eyes watering with an aggrieved expression on her face. "I am sorry. I'm just worried about David."

Emily also knew Nora from back in the day. Nora was the one who stirred up trouble between David and Rita in the past, so Emily disliked her very much. 'I thought that she was living in M country with the Xu family. Why would she show up here all of a sudden?' Emily wondered in puzzlement.

Emily felt dis


Once again, Nora insisted on staying back, even though no one wanted her there. Unfortunately for Nora, not everyone was as patient as Emily was.

"Mrs. Nora Mo, right?"

Having ended his call at the end of the corridor, Jacob noticed that Nora's presence was bothering Rita and Emily. After observing their conversation for a while, Jacob decided to intervene.

"David is in no immediate danger at the moment, so you may go home now."

Jacob pretended to look at his wrist watch and continued, "It will not be easy to find a taxi at this hour, so I will have my chauffeur drive you home."

Jacob's stern attitude was an indication to Nora that her tricks were not going to work on him, so she bit her lower lip and kept silent.

In contrast to Rita and Emily, Jacob's aura sent shivers through Nora's body. It was as if he could see right through her soul.

"I guess that's settled then, right?" Jacob tactfully led Nora away.

Disregarding Nora's helpless expression, Jacob quickly arranged for a driver to pick up Nora at the gate of the hospital.

Nora had no choice but to leave as she turned back to look at the door of the operating room again and again. She hoped and prayed for the light to switch off, but sadly it didn't.

It had been a while since Nora had left the hospital, and the three of them were still waiting to hear from the doctors.

"Ding!" Around midnight, the light was finally switched off, and the door of the operation room was opened from inside.

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