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   Chapter 850 Life And Death Moment

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"No, I don't think so. My wife is the most beautiful woman in my eyes. I have no interest in any woman but you." Jacob smiled. Jacob lowered his head to Emily and planted a kiss on her forehead, while his arm was wrapped around her waist.

He thought that David was being so stupid to hurt Rita again and again. David obviously loved her but he refused to confess his love to her. As a result, his self-defeating behavior not only hurt Rita but also hurt himself.

Every time that Rita was heartbroken because of David, Emily had to leave Jacob alone and come to keep her company. Emily secretly contemplated that David had begun to spoil the private time which she and Jacob had. As she was thinking this, her thoughts were interrupted by Jacob.

"Emily, I am thinking that perhaps it's better for the two of them to divorce. What's your opinion?" Jacob asked after some careful thought.

According to Jacob, a divorce might give David enough time to reflect on his actions and calm down. Jacob was quite sure that David would suffer great regret after a divorce and would realize what he had done to Rita was terribly wrong. At that point, the choice was then in Rita's hands. She could choose to forgive him or start a new life without him.

"What are you talking about? You said that we should stay out of their personal affairs. Why do you now change your mind so quickly?" Emily asked in surprise, looking at him doubtfully. She was shocked by Jacob's sudden change in attitude.

Jacob had tried only a few minutes ago to find a way to help David. However, now he proposed such a ridiculous suggestion that Rita should divorce from David all of a sudden. It was so weird!

How could he want to break them up? They were both their friends! How could he even think such an evil thought!

"Emily, don't rush to a conclusion. Let me explain first. I think Rita deserves a better man than David. He should learn his lesson this time. That is why I suddenly came up with this idea," Jacob said quite peacefully. He looked into Emily's doubtful eyes and smiled slightly.

"Whatever, I can't accept it!" Emily replied shortly.

No matter what happened to David and Rita, David would always be Jacob's friend. Jacob had a duty to do things which were in David's interests, instead of treating him like this. Emily really couldn't understand Jacob's reasoning now.

"What's the matter with you, Jacob? Do you still regard David as your friend? If he learns that it is you who suggested that Rita should break up with him, I bet he will be crazy and never speak to you again. What are you thinking?" Emily added.

No man would accept the fact that his closest friend had betrayed him and even tried to break up his marriage. David would definitely explode!

On the contrary, Jacob didn't have such worries because he knew David so well. He shook his head slightly and smiled at Emily. "My dear, you are wrong. I am sure he will thank me for it in the future. All I do is for his own good in the long term. We will see."

Jacob wanted to remind David just how nicely Rita always treated him and warn him not to let his wife down again and again. At that point, David would realize that he couldn't live without Rita and would be thankful to Jacob for getting him to wake up to reality. How could David then hate Jacob? He laughed softly, because Emily had failed

knows what is going to happen from one second to the next.

"Rita, I have told you all that I know, whether you believe me or not. I am sorry for that. Now I am going to the hospital," Jacob sighed wearily.

The rest of David's family members didn't live in this country, and Rita was so fragile now. So Jacob decided to leave Emily to watch over her while he would go to the hospital alone.

"I will go with you! I want to see David!" Rita pleaded desperately. She shook off Emily's hands and grasped Jacob's arm firmly.

Jacob had no reason to refuse her firm request and had to nod his agreement. The three of them arrived at the hospital shortly thereafter.

"Who is David's family member?" a nurse asked while looking at the three people standing in front of her. There was a paper in her hand.

"It's me! I am his wife!" Rita sobbed. Then the nurse handed her the paper and told her where to sign it.

Rita almost fainted as soon as she saw the words 'Notice of Critical Condition' in large bold font at the top of the page. It felt as if a thick mist was covering her eyes, and her whole body felt weak and shaky. She couldn't support herself any more.

"Rita! Are you alright?" Emily exclaimed as she rushed to wrap her arms supportively around Rita's body.

"How could this be happening? Emily, I can't bear it! I am so afraid..." Rita murmured with tears staining her cheeks.

Emily hinted at Jacob to pick up the pen which had slipped from Rita's hand and had fallen to the floor. "Rita, God blesses David. He will be okay. Believe me. We all should have faith in him," Emily said softly to her.

"Yes, what you say is true. I...I should have faith in him. I hope...everything...will be fine with him. I shouldn't have quarrelled with him. It's all because of me!" Rita sobbed miserably.

She felt extreme regret for what she had done to David over the past few days. She should never have quarrelled with David and thrown him out of the room. If she hadn't done such cruel things to him, then he wouldn't have gone out to drink or had the car accident because of being drunk. Rita blamed all of these things on herself.

Now David was in an extremely precarious condition, and she would maybe never see him again.

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