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   Chapter 849 We're Done

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"Emily, this is about me and Rita. It's none of your business. Go away. Leave us alone, please."

David gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. He coldly stared down at Emily, and then moved his eyes to the woman behind her.

"Rita, don't make trouble out of nothing and bother others, okay? Come on, come home with me. Let's solve these problems by ourselves." David stretched out his hand to Rita and wanted to take her hands.

But Emily batted David's hand away and regarded him equally coldly. She looked at David angrily with her eyebrows almost knitted together. "David, what do you mean by saying that Rita has made trouble out of nothing? It is you who is causing trouble! How can you doubt that Dylan is your son? You're insulting Rita!" Emily scolded vehemently.

Rita opened her mouth slightly and wanted to say something, but Emily had already said everything that she had wanted to. So she just closed her mouth tightly and averted her eyes, pretending not to care. However, tears blurred her sight, and she struggled to keep from crying.

Rita was really disappointed. She was no longer in a mood to say anything.

"I..." David was left speechless, for Emily's words had cut straight to the bone. Seeing that Rita was so loath to look at him, he felt a sense of chagrin and guilt. He lowered his head and started to regret what he had done.

However, he hadn't intended to doubt whether Dylan was his son or not. He had asked Rita about this only because he was badly irritated by her and had wanted to do something to get back at her.

He hoped and believed one hundred percent that Dylan was indeed his son.

"What now? It's too late for regret."

Seeing that David had fallen into deep thought, Emily folded her arms and looked at him coldly.

'Men are all like that. They never know how badly they've hurt their loved ones. It is only after their loved ones leave them that men realize they were wrong!' Emily thought helplessly.

However, Rita was in no mood to listen to any of David's excuses or apologies. She cast a brief glance at David and then lowered her eyes. "David, leave me here, please. I won't go back with you..." she said coldly.

'We're done, David!'

Rita thought in her heart. She was about to say it out loud too, but tears trickled down from her eyes like a running faucet and dropped onto the back of her hand. She suddenly felt a sense of helplessness and sorrow. Rita was too sad to say such heartless words as she realized that she still loved David deeply, even though she didn't know why.

Just as the old saying goes, 'Whatever will be, will be. Whatever will not be, just let it go.'

Right from the start, it had been Nora who David had loved. And Rita, herself, had just been an outsider. Although Rita had been married to David for so many years, she could never hold a candle to Nora in David's heart.

"Emily, I'm tired." Thinking about this, Rita was more than sad. She bit her lips hard as


"That's not good! What if Rita wakes up and sees us like this? It'll remind her of David!" Emily scolded as she pushed Jacob back. She frowned as she thought that Rita would definitely cry again if she saw them so happy.

Rita was having a cold war with David right now. If she saw that Emily and Jacob were so happy, she would feel sad and begin thinking about the happier times that she had once spent with David.

"It doesn't matter. She's tough enough. It won't kill her to see that we are happy." Jacob was not taking Rita's sorrow seriously. He didn't know what Emily was so afraid of, for he thought that David and Rita were just having a petty squabble.

"No. It's different now. It's not the same."

However, Emily could not figure out why Jacob didn't want her to interfere in the matter. In her opinion, it was not just a petty squabble this time. Rita and David were breaking up!

"Twerp! You're an outsider. How much do you know about their relationship? They should solve their problems by themselves. It's none of your business." Seeing that Emily had become so embroiled in the affairs of others, Jacob thought her a bit funny. He smoothed her bangs back and pinched her rounded cheeks.

"If you really want them to get back together, you should give David a chance to talk to Rita, and let them solve their problems."

Although Jacob didn't know what had happened between Rita and David, his intuition told him that they would not be parted so easily.

"What?" Emily grumbled and hit him on his chest as she realized that Jacob was inferring that she was sticking her nose in someone else's business. "You don't know how hard Rita cried when David left just now. If I let David talk to her, I would force her to a dead end!"

Emily pursed her lips and continued tartly, "You men are all like David. You don't cherish the one who loves you while you have her by your side. You'll only know how good she is when you're about to lose her."

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