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   Chapter 848 Madam Ran Away From Home

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9473

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Not once did it occur to Rita that even though she and David had been married for so long, he still had doubts whether Dylan was even his child or not.

The fact that David had been harboring such suspicions in his heart all this time meant that he believed her to be of weak moral fiber long since Dylan was born.

Rita cried in the taxi all the way home from the Xu Group. She stormed in and packed all of her necessities in one luggage quickly.

Since David was unwilling to go to the civil affairs bureau to sign the divorce papers, she was left with no choice but to live apart from him for a few years. Only then could she legally file a legal document with the court to finalize a legal separation.

"What are you doing, madam?" The maid who saw Rita packing her luggage with red, swollen tear-soaked eyes came to the most obvious conclusion and tried to stop her.

"I am fine. Don't worry about me. I have something very important to deal with, so I have to go out for a while." Rita wiped away her tears and pushed the maid aside to walk out of the Xu family's residence.

The maid was aware that she wouldn't be able to stop Rita from leaving, so she hurried to the hall and informed David over the phone.

"Sir! I think something bad happened! Madam just packed her things and left!"

Rita, on the other hand, having no place else to go to for the time-being decided to find herself a room in a hotel so she could gather her thoughts.

Meanwhile, Emily was still worried about Rita, so she called her just as soon as she had booked a room.

"Rita, are you okay..."

Before Emily could finish her words, she was interrupted by Rita's screaming sobs and gasping wails. She didn't break quietly. It was like her every atom was screaming in unison.


Rita had gone from gregarious to hanging by a thread. In the blink of an eye, she had a transformation even Emily didn't know how to reverse. "Rita, honey, how are you? Please don't cry. Tell me where you are right now, okay?"

Emily quickly grabbed her hand and walked out as soon as she heard Rita's heart-wrenching sobs. If she knew how to fly, she would fly to her right now and comfort her.

There was a time when Emily was in a similar predicament, drowning in despair, and Rita was the only friend who kept her company and gave her comfort. It was Emily's time now to return the favor and help Rita get through this tumultuous time in her life.

"I" After giving Emily the name and address of the hotel she was staying in, Rita started crying again as if something triggered her empathy.

The whole world had vanished for her. Now there was only pain enough to break her, pain enough to change her beyond recognition.

"All right, I'm coming over, just wait for me there. Don't go anywhere!"

Emily furrowed her brows i

ed broadly, showing perfect white teeth, as she hugged Emily tightly.

Emily patted her on the back and said, "What are you talking about? You are my best-friend. We will get through this, together. Besides, this will give me the chance to remind Dylan why I am his god-mother."

When Emily and Beryl were in need, it was Rita who had helped them. So it was Emily's turn to get things even.

Suddenly, someone kicked the door open with a loud bang.

After searching almost all the hotels in the city, David finally showed up in front of Rita, desperately gasping and trying to catch his breath.

"Rita! Listen to me!"

"What are you doing here?" Staring at the last man she wanted to see in her room in disbelief, Rita let go of Emily's hand and stood up.

She tilted her head to the side, shifting her sights towards the bellhop before David and said, "Where is the manager of this hotel? How could you let a stranger break into my room so casually?"

"This hotel belongs to me, so I can break into any room as I wish," David answered with a face glowing with arrogance, as he strode into the room.

Emily, upon seeing David approach Rita, sprang up and walled herself in front of her friend. "David, what are you doing?"

David looked askance at Emily who tried to protect Rita and said, "What do you think I am doing? I'm here to take my woman home of course!"

When the maid informed him that Rita had packed her bags and left, he was so shocked that he almost had an accident while driving. He was afraid that Rita would disappear from his life like she once did for a long time.

Emily refused and said, "I will not let you take her away. Since you and Rita need some time to think, I think it would be best if you two spent some time apart from each other." Emily wasn't going to let David walk around, doing as he pleased. She had to stand up for her friend.

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