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   Chapter 847 You're So Hopeless!

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9993

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"Rita, watch your mouth! There is nothing between us!" David shouted with a dark expression, and he was so enraged that the veins of his forehead were throbbing quite visibly.

After hearing this, Rita retorted with an ironic tone, "Of course there's nothing between you two. The relation between you two is just like brother and sister. In fact, you are so closed to each other that you can share a room, even a bed..."

"That's enough!" David just couldn't bear her any more and said, "Whatever you think, you'd better keep it to yourself for you're making me feel disgusted!"

"Huh. You know it is disgusting, right? But then why don't you feel ashamed while you're doing such a disgusting thing?" Rita now felt that the man in front of her was like a stranger, as if she had never really known him at all. Then she abruptly shouted, "Stop the car! I want to get out! I don't want to see your face ever again!"

David didn't even bother to answer her, and he continued driving.

Seeing that David had no intention of doing as she asked, Rita immediately released the seat belt, wanting to open the door of the car.

"What are you doing?!" Suddenly being aware that she was going to jump out of the moving car, David stepped on the brake immediately. Then he shouted angrily, "Rita, could you please stop acting like a trouble-maker?"

"Who is the real trouble-maker?" Rita shouted back at David while raising her head. Then she stared at his enraged face with her eyes reddened and filled with tears.

David was shocked when he saw this, but he tightened his thin lips into a straight line.

After Rita opened the door of the car, she immediately got out and said, "See you tomorrow at the civil affairs bureau." She slammed the door as she walked away without looking back.

While looking at her back as she walked away, David couldn't help but clench his fist. Then he hurried from the car and ran after her for a while, but eventually gave up.

He just couldn't figure out why they had reached this point of no return in their relationship.

Rita was wandering aimlessly, then her vision became blurred by tears. It turned out that she was crying in frustration. How could she cry for a bastard who had betrayed her?

'Damn you, David! I must had been blind when I agreed to marry you!' she reasoned angrily as she continued wiping tears away.

She decided to get a divorce from him tomorrow! She would definitely do it tomorrow!

She didn't want to live with him any longer!

Rita violently wiped away the last of her tears, then she started to consider where she should go. She couldn't go to Emily's home again, since Emily had not physically recovered from her recent ordeal yet. It would not be wise to bother Emily with her problems now.

Then she decided that she had no other choice but to stay in a hotel at present.

What she didn't know was that David was following her at a distance driving in his car. When he had confirmed that she had checke

ke me feel ashamed? If you like her, why did you marry me?"

"I will figure out what the hell is going on, as the facts are not as you have imagined!" It was true that David had met with Nora. But it was because he was required to by his second elder brother. Since they only had a small talk that day, they really didn't have any secret relationships going on!

However, Rita was being so suspicious all the time!

"Where is your cell phone then? Take it out!"

David subconsciously reached into his pocket, but it was empty, so he answered, "Maybe I forgot it in my office..."

"You are lying! The phone is in Nora's hand!" Rita got so angry that she laughed bitterly. While she looked at David, her expression was full of distrust.

"If you don't believe me, then I have nothing to say!" David was also about to go over the edge and burst out into anger, but he tried to restrain it and asked, "You keep accusing me all the time, so do you really think you are clean and honest?"

"What do you mean by saying this?"

"Well. Let me ask you something. Who is Dylan's real father?"

After hearing what David just said, Rita couldn't believe what she had heard and asked, "What did you say? Don't you even dare to say that again?!"

David closed his eyes for a while, then he said word by word as if he squeezed every syllable from his mouth with an almost inhuman strength, "Who...the...hell.. Is...Dylan's…real…father…"

"Pah!" As soon as he spoke these words aloud, Rita gave him a second, violent slap against his face!

Rita had almost used up all of her strength to slap him, so even her palms were numb as a result. She stared at the man in front of her, then she shouted venomously while biting her lips so tightly that some blood flowed out, "David, you are so hopeless! I tell you that we are finished!"

After she said that, she pushed him away and ran outside with such desperation etched on her face. It was as if she was being chased by a dreadful monster.

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