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   Chapter 846 Don't Be Disgraced Here

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Emily went to visit Carol at the psychiatric hospital after making a full recovery.

Unfortunately, Carol could no longer recognize the woman she loved to call her daughter. No more than eight feet in any dimension, the inside of Carol's cell was an eerie and somewhat grotesque testament to the woman's sudden headlong plunge into madness. She sat on her chair, dull eyes completely devoid of hope, muttering incoherent words from time to time.

Emily listened carefully and heard the names, Cloris and Sean. Judging from the look on Emily's face, it wasn't hard to determine that it wasn't easy for her to see Carol like this. Finding it hard to come to terms with the tragedy, Emily stood outside for a long time instead of entering the ward.

Emily lowered her head and wiped the tears that escaped the corners of her eyes. Just as she was about to leave, Alfred stopped her.

"Emily, please wait a moment," Alfred spoke in a calm and gentle voice.

Emily turned around and answered, "Hello, Mr. Lu. I wish we could have met under difference circumstances. How may I help you?"

She no longer addressed him as 'father'.

Alfred didn't mind what she called him. He raised a bitter smile on his lips and handed her the document in his hand. "I know that my family has caused you more harm than I can ever hope to repent for, and so I apologize to you here on their behalf. I don't expect you to forgive us, but please allow me to compensate you."

With one glance at the file in his hand, Emily had guessed that it was most likely a written document certifying a transfer of property or something to that effect. Emily's refusal was communicated by her reluctance to reach for it. It was never about the money for her and even if it were, no amount of money could compensate for the amount of pain and suffering her family had gone through because of the Lu family.

"No, there's no need for that," she politely refused. Then she turned round and left.

Emily thought it would be best for the both of them if she did not go to visit Carol again in the future.

What happened to Carol before brought her considerable psychological trauma and physical harm.

Jacob felt sorry to see Emily so utterly disappointed and heartbroken. He thought about calling Rita to keep her company, and just then Rita showed up, unexpectedly.

However, her eyes looked swollen and red. It was clear that something wasn't right. Emily had never seen her so sad, so she quickly pulled her into the room to have a talk.

"Rita, what's wrong with you? Tell me what happened. Did something happen between you and David?" asked Emily.

Rita bit her lip and suddenly broke into tears, like there was to

, he went upstairs to grab Rita, and pulled her to the door.

"Let me go! What are you doing? You're hurting me." Rita struggled like a cornered animal, grabbing at whatever she could get her hands on. "I don't want to go home with you! Don't touch me!"

David gripped Rita's wrist tightly and said, "Do you think I want to come here? Don't flatter yourself! I just don't want you to disturb anyone here!"

"David, you bastard!" Rita shouted. Rita's anger was made worse by the fact that David wasn't there out of remorse but for the sake of saving his own face. "I want a divorce! I'm divorcing you right now!"

'David doesn't care enough to give me an explanation, nor admit that he was wrong.

He does not love me anymore, ' she thought.

"Fine!" David said in a fit of pique. David's face was cold, and it seemed as though his love for Rita had disappeared.

Emily had never seen David like this before, and she was somewhat frightened. 'Are they being serious?' Emily thought.

Jacob put his hands over Emily's shoulders and whispered into her ear, "Don't worry about them. Our interference will only make things worse. They are adults and have the ability to tell right from wrong. We have to believe that they can handle this on their own."

Emily couldn't help thinking about Rita. "But..."

Jacob stroked her hand, trying to comforted her. "Don't worry. David won't hurt her."

Jacob truly believed what he had said. 'How can someone hurt the person they love so deeply?

I can't and I'm sure neither can David.'

Eventually, Rita was taken away by David.

Neither of them uttered a word to each other in the car.

Rita glimpsed at David's tense face and sneered. "Nora is very gentle and considerate, isn't she? It must be hard for you to forget your old lover."

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