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   Chapter 845 Tyron's Death And Carol's Madness

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8112

Updated: 2019-08-29 18:35

Tyron died, his beautiful hands slipping lifelessly from the corner of Emily's skirt like the petals of a withered white flower.

Emily would never have expected that the man who had saved Beryl only a few minutes ago would die so shortly thereafter. She didn't want him dead though she had disliked him for what he had done to her in the past.

"No, no! Tyron, get up. Don't scare me..." said Emily in disbelief. She shook her head and fixed her eyes on his silent face again but was disappointed to find that the life had finally left him. She subconsciously stepped back as if there was an unseen hand pulling her away. Her face was ashen with shock. She couldn't believe that Tyron was dead.

He was still so young. How could God take his life?

"Emily, death can't be reversed," Jacob soothed Emily while he held her as she was trembling violently and had staggered backward. He closed his eyes tightly to avoid seeing Tyron's bloodied body.

Despite their past, Tyron had saved Beryl at that critical moment, so Jacob didn't want Tyron to die, and certainly not in such a horrific accident like this.

"Ah! It's you! You killed my Tyron! You devil!" Carol shouted maniacally.

Jacob's words rang in Carol's ears like a malicious curse, driving her mad. Absolute despair possessed her. She rushed at Jacob with red eyes, waving her bloodied hands, and tried to beat him in her impotent fury. But thankfully, Jacob's bodyguards stopped her.

"Jacob! Give me back my Tyron! Give him back to me!"

she roared angrily. She was in the depths of despair at losing Tyron and hatred of Jacob had consumed her heart and mind.

Emily was frightened by her crazed look. She felt dazed and dizzy. It was a long time before she murmured weakly, "Mom, Jacob didn't kill Tyron. It's not his fault..."

Carol, however, had completely lost her mind and could not hear Emily.

"Emily, come here! Don't be with this devil. Quickly! Come to me!"

Carol reached out to Emily, trying to pull her away. She regarded Jacob as her enemy and wanted Emily to stand by her side to fight against him.

"Mom? Why? Why are you acting so crazy?"

What had happened today had knocked the wind from Emily's sails. She could not believe that the woman, whom she had treated as her own mother, had threaten her with Beryl's life in an attempt to force her to choose between her husband and her daughter.

What an awful thing! How co

Beryl as bait. Her eyelids drooped sadly and she said, "Jacob, Tyron..."

"He is dead. I have notified the Fang family."

Jacob would have asked his men to arrange a funeral for Tyron, but he changed his mind when he remembered that Tyron was the only child of the Fang family. It was improper to make funeral arrangements for Tyron without his family members' consent. So Jacob notified his family instead.

Emily bit her lips and asked, "What about my mom?"

"Emily." Jacob suddenly held her hands tightly in his and said earnestly, "I hope that you can prepare yourself for what I have to say."

Her heart skipped a beat and she felt the onslaught of panic. "Jacob, did something happen to my mom? Is she..."

Emily felt as if panic was choking her. A guess came to her mind but she refused to contemplate on it. She hoped that it was just a temporary delusion.

"Don't worry. She is still alive." He realized what she was thinking, shook his head and gave her a look of conciliation. "She is just...

She has lost her senses following the incident. The doctors believe that she has gone mad."

After Emily's coma, Carol had been driven insane. She had bitten and scratched at all the policemen and medical experts while trying to keep them away from Tyron's body.

They had been left with no other choice but to give Carol a tranquilizer by injection. Then they took her to an asylum for observation.

"She went crazy. She is insane now..." Emily murmured under her breath. She looked straight ahead, her eyes unfocused, and her face unmoved, as if she was not at all surprised by this news.

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