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   Chapter 844 I Can't Reconcile Myself To This

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8474

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"Give it back to me! Do you hear me?! Give it to me! Right now!" Carol had completely lost her marbles. All of her attention was now centred on the urn in Jacob's hand.

He knew that the urn would definitely distract her, which might buy him some time. "It seems like what I've got in my hand means a lot to you, huh? Great! I want an important person from you, and you want an important thing from me. What a good deal for both of us."

"Jacob, I didn't expect that you'd actually be such a jerk!"

"Oh, thank you. I still have so much to learn from the Lu family. Anyway, have you made up your mind yet? Do you want a swap or not? You know, it is such a beautiful day; the wind is blowing softly, and I don't mind opening the urn to help set your kids' ashes free..."

"Don't you dare! Shut the fuck up!"

Her voice trembled with emotion. And that was when Jacob realized that the time was right, so he winked broadly at Beryl. Immediately, Beryl quite cleverly caught his intention, and ran towards Emily.

When Carol noticed it, she momentarily rushed forward to recaptured her. "Beryl! Why? Why would you betray me? Grandma loves you. I will give you anything you want. Why do you run away? Why do you run away just like your mother?"

Seeing that Beryl was planning of running away from her, Carol became completely engulfed in hysterics. She used up all of her strength and pulled Beryl back. However, the excessive use of force made them tip backwards.

Behind them, was the ledge from the tall building which was over ten storeys high, and if they were to fall off, they would both be dead for sure.

"NO!!!" Emily let out a piercing shriek, and without a second's thought she darted at Beryl and tried to grab her flailing arms.

But still, it was too late. Beryl was beyond her reach! Both Jacob and Emily were shocked into the depths of despair.

None of them had expected that the moment they fell over the edge, someone pulled them both back!

It was Tyron!

Tyron had known that something was wrong when he saw Carol with Beryl, so he had quietly followed them all the way to the rooftop, and he had been hiding behind an air vent cover since then.

He loved Emily. Thus, he loved everything that she loved, including Beryl, her cute daughter. Several times he had tried to take her from Carol, but she was always with Beryl and he just had no chance. Being afraid of irritating her, he couldn't do anything but wait in silence for Jacob and Emily to try and resolve the matter.

While he didn't e

everything he had done to her. But seeing him like that, filled her heart with sorrow.

Jacob stood beside her with no emotion showing on his impassive face. He really had wanted to save Tyron, even though he never liked the man. But he hadn't expected that Tyron would save Beryl, while he couldn't save him.

Was it fate? He had just decided to forgive Tyron, but death just wouldn't let it go.

Jacob and Emily had put Beryl on the helicopter, and then went down to Tyron. Beryl was too young for such a cruel scene.

Seeing Emily had come to him, Tyron used up all of his last strength and curved a slight smile on his lips, but the very next second, he started spitting blood. He looked terrible at that moment!

'No! I can't reconcile myself to this…'

He couldn't reconcile himself to death.

He had just met her!

Well, that was fate. That was destiny. And you just couldn't fight back against those primal forces.

For Emily, life had always been tough, and she had seen a lot of deaths, but this time, she just couldn't face it calmly. Tyron was a breathing person. He had been talking to her, but now...

The tears on Emily's face warmed Tyron's heart.

'Emily, it turns out that you will shed tears for me.

Are you really feeling sorry for me? Thank you.'

As she held his hands, he forced words onto his bloody lips with all his might. "Actually I have a secret that I didn't tell you... I kissed you. It was the best time of my life... Ems, Ems."

But he didn't have enough time left to finish his sentence. He wanted to tell Emily that he actually loved her, more than anything, while he just didn't have enough time... And slowly, he faded away.

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